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Video: Jewish Child Wanders into Busy Street

In a shocking video obtained exclusively by CrownHeights.info, a young Borough Park boy can be seen wandering into a busy street, with no adult in sight.

The footage was captured on the dash-cam of a parked vehicle, belonging to a contractor from Williamsburg, who was at the scene filling out some paperwork near a construction site.

With the mercy of heaven, the contractor spotted the child in the nick of time. He grabbed the boy just as he made a lunge for the busy two-way street, barely a second before a large school bus rumbles past.

“When I saw that school bus roll by, I realized that I had just saved this boy from certain death,” the vigilant hero told CrownHeights.info. “For an hour afterwards I couldn’t do any work; I just sat there stunned.”

Amazingly, the man could not explain what brought him to suddenly look up from his busy paperwork and notice the child.

The child was promptly returned to his relieved mother, who was surprised to find that the door to her home had been left open, and thanked the man profusely for saving her child’s life.

The young girl seen running across the street at the end of the video is a neighbor and friend of the child’s family, who watched the incident unfold but was helplessly trapped on the opposite side of the busy two-way traffic and was unable to cross and stop the child.


  • 1. help wrote:

    sometimes kids that young, doing that, could have something like ADHD or Autism. Have to watch carefully. Sometimes parents are judged unfairly. Once they see it could happen, they need to watch the child carefully with all safety devices, and decide if their child needs to have an evaluation. It is not uncommon these days…..

    • 2. Bad Advice wrote:

      What a load of dirt. Most toddlers are curious and would walk through an open door. The parents are 100% to blame for allowing this to happen. Keeping an eye on your kids is part of being a responsible parent. If your toddler walks through an open door the only one you should be blaming is yourself for letting it happen. It’s not the doctor’s fault for failing to notice autism. it’s not the neighbor’s fault for failing to catch him (G-d forbid) in time. Stop looking for every excuse under the sun to excuse bad behavior.

    • 3. What a load of bullony wrote:

      It’s because of comments like those that commenting on websites should be banned.

      It was just a 2 year old acting like a 2 year old could have happened to you too at that age!!!!!

  • 8. Scary wrote:

    You have no idea how easily this can happen.
    One day my 2 year old figured out how to open the front door (it was locked) while I was in the bedroom taking care of the baby. My neighbor spotted him and caught him as he was about to step into the street. I am a very vigilant mother (perhaps neurotically overprotective is a better description) and could not believe this had happened. After that I learned that doors have to be bolted with a high, childproof bolt that a child cannot reach and cannot open.


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