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Video: The Yuppets Expose a Cult

In an effort to satirize the recent controversies regarding The Call of the Shofar, Yossi Berktin, a Chabad filmmaker and comedian, produced the following video featuring an interview with the leader of The Tent of Avraham, a (fictional) Jewish ‘health and happiness therapy spa.’


  • 1. yampamponi wrote:

    I love it. Great talent. But the puppets shake way too much. Causes major headache. It’s just as cute without the bobbing.

  • 4. funny yet sad, but too true wrote:

    the worst part is that some of the “sheeple” are still arguing that there is benefit to this disaster.
    If I mistakenly ate tarfus ch’v, and the taste was definitely pleasing, would that mean that I should not regret having eaten the tarfus? Of course I would have regret and be more careful in the future.
    The fact that some are still staunchly supporting COTS indicates they are victims of this cult. I hope for their sake (and their families) they can be rid of it’s negative effects.

    • 6. MJ wrote:

      I think the creator of the video is just demonstrating tha cult leaders like to take people’s money and then spend ot on vacations in nice locations such as Santa Cruz.

  • 7. To Rabbi Friedman wrote:

    No insult intended. It just sermed like the perfect place becas that’s where a lot of people go to get away from religion and the translation if S Cruz also provided a xtian reference.

  • 8. Nuvukim wrote:

    I don;t understand why Jewish shows use Italian classical music for their introductions. Years ago I remember Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” was all the rage in ads for orthodox demographics. Well I happen to like Tony Vivaldi’s compositions. He had a good ear for rmusic. But did you think that I didn’t know he was an ordained priest? Really!?


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