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Video: Rare Footage of Rebbetzin’s Funeral

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On Wednesday, 22 Shvat 1988, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka passed away after a brief illness. The Rebbetzin felt unwell and was rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival she asked for a glass of water, said the Brocho “Shehakol Nihiya Bidvaro,” and returned her soul to its Creator.

The Rebbetzin was accompanied by a funeral appropriate for a queen. Over 15,000 people paid their last respects, led by columns of police on motorcycles, as the Rebbetzin was brought to the cemetery in Queens, where she was buried near her father, the Frierdiker Rebbe.

That day, the Rebbe established a fund in her name that continues to this day, and helps thousands of women achieve educational and social goals. In the days and months after her passing, the Rebbe frequently cited the verse “And the living he shall place to his heart:” the passing of a loved one should bring positive actions – walking the path of the deceased and doing Mitzvos for her soul.


Shown in the video above: a segment of the funeral procession, the beginning of a Sefer Torah in the Rebbe’s house in her memory, Mincha at the end of the Shiva and a special distribution of dollars during which the Rebbe gave 770 Gabo’im Rabbi Yehoshua Pinson and Rabbi Zev Katz money for participation in the farbrengen they would be organizing.

After Ma’ariv, the Rebbe said to the Gabo’im: “the farbrengen has to be in the place where she lived.” Rabbi Pinson announced that the farbrengen will be held here in the Rebbe’s house at 9:30, and would continue in 770.

Following Ma’ariv, there was a farbrengen in the Rebbe’s house with the participation of hundreds of Anash, as well as bochurim who pushed thier way in. Among those farbrenging were: Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Rabbi David Hanzin, Rabbi Mendel Futerfas, and Rabbi Shneur Zalman Gourary.

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