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Video: Super Bowl Win Announced at Bar Mitzvah


  • 1. Fan of Rabbi Jacobson wrote:

    Not fair to have Rabbi Jacobson’s picture on the video front implying he spoke about the super bowl when he was actually saying that the Chassidim’s victory is much more significant than this shtus of the super bowl

  • 2. :-) wrote:

    I’m glad CHers grew up. When I was a kid there was a obsession with bashing those “bums” for following sports, to the extent that they kids in the class would commit lavim dorysa (like lashan hara and rachilus) towards those that enjoyed sports. The irony was that those kids had their own “schtick” but for some reason it was acceptable, so long as it wasn’t sports. Let the kids enjoy their sports, i’ll help them develop way more than Chabad polotics will…


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