• 7. Authentic Chabad wrote:

    Yuck, this makes me nauseous. These chilled out residents of our kehillah representing us to the world in such a secular ‘culturally relative’ light. This is not how the Rebbe’s schuna should be seen or experienced.

  • 10. larry wrote:

    its nice and u could live side by side in peace but as a FRUM [lubavitcher] yid your on a mission your here in this world for one reason. have respect injoy life but NEVER forget who you are and to whom u will have to give din vchesbon too. Rebbe the room is getting hot and the widows are getting fog up the young need u

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    what is the point? We are Yidden , we have a Torah that we live with and so proudly follow!!We are proud of who we are, and will always continue our regal heritage.
    I dont get the point of this film!

  • 13. nu fe wrote:

    please stop this nonsense. this is pure grobkait. which adult would want to show this to his child.

  • 14. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    Sadly there is more tenstion between Jews in this neighborhood then with the non -Jews or black community.

  • 15. A Local Jew wrote:

    This looks wonderful. Hopefully this will bring a better understanding of all people to all people.

  • 16. Ariel wrote:

    Crownheights.info post what they want. If you guys don’t like it you can do the next best thing.


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