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Video: A Tour of Crown Heights on Google Glass

Crown Heights resident Mendy Seldowitz captured a 2-minute tour of the vicinity of 770 with his pair of futuristic ‘Google Glass’ spectacles.


    • 2. Duh wrote:

      That guy at the end is dangerous he is violent and had to be physically kicked out of shul in Miami beach more than once

  • 4. intresting wrote:

    wow thats so interesting that no one really new that they were being filmed

  • 5. waste wrote:

    pp have nothing to do with their lives!
    they waste money and time just for the fun of recording what other pp do .
    find something better and useful to do in life!

    • 6. Are you serious? wrote:

      I can’t tell if maybe you just have the mental capacity of a 7 year old or you are joking. Don’t you have anything better to do with your life then tell people that they should find something more useful to do?
      I’m sorry you can’t afford the Glass but bashing people for having one won’t help you feel any better. Please reconsider next time you think of posting something mean and immature.

  • 7. I spy with my Google eye wrote:

    That’s the Best Camp in the world
    CGI of Great Neck by the JCM

  • 10. Anon wrote:

    Um, it’s their money and life. What’s your problem?Google Glass just doesn’t record. It’s also the Internet on your glasses.

  • 14. this is a great video wrote:

    interesting, to see the chabad community’s embracing technology.

    haters get a life!

  • 15. Legally blind wrote:

    Can’t wait for this to be available for my legally blind kid. So excited to be able to bring the world closer to his eyes!


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