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Arab Gang Attack and Mock Jews on Jerusalem Street

Comedian Moshe Kravitsky took on a serious note for this week’s news episode, drawing parallels from the 1940’s Nazi Germany to a shocking video of a gang of Arabs, who took advantage of the rare snowfall in Jerusalem, and attacked two Hassidic Jews with it while mocking and laughing at them.


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    Fool! Is this a Holocaust???
    Yes humiliating but a Holocaust?@?
    This Moshe should remain a comedian and NOT a commentator!!!

  • 2. really silly comparision wrote:

    sorry the Comparison is stupid and idiotic.
    The Jews in poland had nowhere to go, no way of defending themselves, and were utterly helpless.
    Theyre beards were cut off, they were beaten and much more

    The Jew in jeruselam had some snow thrown at him, and his hat was taken off for 30 seconds, in a jewish state, where a jewish police and army defend him.
    a comparision to the holocoust means a total lack of understanding what the holocaoust is about.

  • 3. An insult wrote:

    This is insulting to all the victims of the real holocaust. Although what these kids did is horrible there is really no comparison.

  • 4. Mitnagid wrote:

    But why didn’t the Jews passing along and seeing this scene intervene?It’a shame that things like this can happen in Jerusalem;it means Jews aren’t safe to walk down the street right in the country which was created specifically for them not to be threatened by angry antisemites!One does not have to be a charedi or even to love charedim to defend these two poor guys.If this happens in Jerusalem,it is a really sad state of affairs Jews are in!

    • 6. Nili wrote:

      I live in Jerusalem~This took place at Damascus Gate, where there is a majority of Muslims. These kids are lucky that the arabs (in the cars) kept driving or it could have turned into a lynching. It is getting increasingly dangerous as the Arabs become bolder. They now feel the world is on “their side”. Sadly, the Netanyahu government is too interested in appeasing the world powers (and lining their own pockets)

  • 8. What now???? wrote:

    Okay so we see this awful footage everywhere now.
    So what I’d really like to know is where is the government and what are they planning on doing about this outrageousness????

  • 9. Daniel Botnick wrote:

    So which idiot made this video? Why didn’t he use his phone to call the police to end the harassment? As noted above, weren’t any of those motorists Yidden? Nobody could stop and even the sides? I expect to be in Yerushalayim soon; I hope this is not what to expect!

  • 10. Mendel wrote:

    One cannot and should absolutely never use the holocaust as some cheap tearjerker. If anything, “never again” should be directed at Jewish people being the victim!

    We should be taught to defend ourselves and not play the victim. STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM!

    This is aside from the fact that there are Jewish hooligans as well and I need not say the types of trouble they get in to. Or how about the type of trouble these same Chaeidim in Israel inflict on others within their own sect and religion. I am sure for every video like this, there are tens more of stones being thrown and the like. Neither are right, both should be punished and educated but…
    Please, don’t compare this to Nazis and the holocaust. This is NOT how it started. Please open up a book and educate yourselves.

    The travesty here is the video itself. The composer specifically chose music and video associated to the holocaust as a cheap tearjerker and should be ashamed.

  • 11. ThisIsHowItBeganInBerlin wrote:

    This is NOT like the 1940’s BUT it sure smells like the early 30’s in Berlin. When the Yidden realize that we are not safe in ANY ‘safe’ country (today, btw, that is Russia!) and ONLY Hashem protects us, we will be saved from what our good neighbors want to do with us.

    In one of the JEM videos, a professor says that he asked the Rebbe zt”l if something like Stalin or Germany can ever happen in America; “Tomorrow morning” replied the Rebbe.

    Yidden wake up!

  • 12. ToDanielBotnick wrote:

    One of the Arabs made the video ‘for fun’. (Like the Germans did.) But it leaked all over the place. You can hear them talking arabic while taking the video.

  • 13. To mendel from Yonathan wrote:

    Mendel, so how holocoust is started? What do you know how it started? It started with the EXACTLY the same extend with the same reasons and same conclusions where we ALL are going now. And The U.S. is no exception as your Rebe said it ones. I just don’t understand why AMERICAN jewery is sleeping in a dream and think that we live in civilize time. We live in the same danger time, and as my teacher told me we have to learn how to fight and etc.
    These arabs kids are regular picture everywhere, even here in NYC I have seen those, so what? We always should be ready to fight, nothing new. Who said this is Jewish country? From which angle is it Jewish? Same thing happened 70 years ago, some jews were silent , same as now. In fighting the ruah most important, not the phisical strength. I can’t imagine it happenning with YU guys, somehow I just dont see it happens to them, simply that they are ready for real life and real fight at any time and all of YU kids do sporting any single day for one of such day. Someone should start teaching jewish people to fight, simply fight.

    Like this one for example ( please watch till the end and you will see what I mean)

    This is our guy who puts down top champions,
    and I know a few like these. I wish who be there that moment :)) But seriously we have to learn how to fight, so many russian jewish famous sportsmen came here and can teach us top level sport guys. I wish I can orginize one day this club to teach our kids to protect themself at least little.

    • 14. Mendel wrote:

      We agree that children need to be taught to defend themselves. We’ll always live as Jewish people under assault. It’s been like this for 6000 years! No, America is NOT different. We need to defend ourselves.

      However, this video, comparing nazis, who later kill the child, or nazi soldiers cutting off a beard is an atrocious use of the holocaust. It’s downright disrespectful of those who passed.

      He perhaps should have compared this to the new laws barring Jews from public pools. Or little German gangs attacking Jewish people. You need to have a proper comparison.

      You must be VERY CAREFUL what you use as propaganda for your cause. You’re turning off from your cause intelligent people who will look at this video and it’s comparison to shooting a little child to death with utter disdain.

      Remember, they can post tens of videos as well. What then? Why the double standards?!


    To # 8 &11 Dear Daniel Botnick :
    Would you allow this in Crown Heights or Springfeld, Massachusets ? Then I guess when you make Aliya. You would allow 12 arab boys attack 2 Hassidic boys; also !!

    Mine opinion first stop it in Crown Heights then you can come to Eretz Yisroel and stop it here ! Just mine opinion sdigned R’ Shlomo.

  • 16. former idf wrote:

    this happened at shar shechem… an arab section of jerusalem. So there are very few yiden who drive in that area and even less on shabbos. a yid who is cought in that section by the wrong mob could be linched and killed. the nazis hated the jews and the arabs hate the jews even more. we should never forget our history and what we went thru, or history will repeat itself.

  • 17. David Hompes wrote:

    Why don’t we hear the outrage when Chareidim throw ROCKS at fellow Yidden??

  • 19. bob wrote:

    this happened next to shaar shechem.these two american boys didnt realize where they are going.there were no jewish passerby. they would not have been able to protect themselves being that they were two against 20.the question is where is the army and the police?

  • 20. The all the idiots wrote:

    1) This is not a Holocaust. This is digusting, but not a Holocaust.

    2) It is a DISGRACE to the memory of the Six Million, as well as to all the survivors STILL LIVING AMONG US, to connect these two instances, when one was state-sanctioned taunting and murdering of the entire Jewish people, and the other a few filthy teens having fun.

    3) To all those talking about the dangers and making Aliyah: Wake up, losers: This happened in OUR city of Yerushalayim, not Poland, Africa or the US.

  • 21. #3 After ISrael gives away the West Bank wrote:

    These things will happen much more often and it will only get worse and may eventually become a 2nd Holocaust

    • 23. #21 Anon - Because Israel wrote:

      (Chas V’Shalom) gave away the Strategic lands of the West Bank & Gaza to Anti Jewish terrorists

  • 24. Critic wrote:

    “Why don’t we hear the outrage when Chareidim throw ROCKS at fellow Yidden??”
    We do and much more.

  • 25. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    It’s bad but what about those Charedim that were harassing that little girl Naama Margolese in Beit Shemesh who was publically trashed for supposedly not dressing modestly? At least strangers were harassing those young men but Yidden were doing evil to that little girl which makes it even worse. I know two wrongs don’t make a right and I don’t want to say how does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine but it only seems that a person would wise up after this.

  • 26. wakeup wrote:

    please wakeup! if the haredim throw stones it’s for sure absolutely wrong, but anyhow they don’t do it with the same motives like these arab boys. The Haredim are motivated by misplaced zealotry, bc they think that someone is transgressing the Torah. The arab boys just gain strength by being cruel to a Jew, nothing else.
    Eretz Israel today is not very different from Nazi Germany. The Nazis were a very small group that could in a tricky political manouver change history and place themselves on power. Within Israel live about 1,5 million arabs (more than 20% of the whole population) with israeli citizenship. it needs not more than a very harsh attack from gaza/westbank and iran to motivate them to attack their jewish neighbours inside the country without any mercy full with cruelty. and immidiately we would have a situation like Nazi Germany. The israeli government cannot handle these truths and doesn’t understand, that all these things start very small. who listend to the Nazi leadr in the beginning, no one, except few selected individuals. but with time he changed the spirit of a nation and they started to kill around. same with the arabs .. if they already have no fear anymore in a public place in Jerusalem.. we should wake up and provide a solution. these are signs from Hashem to make us wake up from our slumber and internal fights about whatever seems important in our eyes. Jews unite, than Mashiach will appear and the evil within and outside will be eradicated. please jewish brothers don’t try to find excuses for these arabs and search for faults in the Haredim… this is an issue of our brothers being attacked by merciless beasts! col tov.

  • 27. Simcha wrote:

    Besides for the hate which we know Arabs hate jews since the bible days there is a problem with jews and especially Charedim walking through East jerusalem Shar Shechem to get to the Kosel because it saves ten more minutes than going through the Dan gate. Hashem said to guard your life and these boys have placed themselves in grave danger.

    Its like walking through a bad neighborhood in Brooklyn in the middle of the night with a beautiful suit on.

    I call upon all jews to take ten more minutes so we do not have to see our enemies attack us like animals.

    They are lucky to still be alive.

    • 28. wakeup wrote:

      This is not fully correct, i could observe a lot of jewish people walking through Shaar Schechem, normal tourists, chabadniks, kipa srugat and haredim. on the whole way down are a lot of soldiers standing and gurading, even close to where this incident happened. it is not normal and was not normal to be atacked there. the arab shopkeepers are also relatively ok. in my opinion what happened shows a change of affairs in the minds of the arabs. come on it’s a public area in the so called jewish state.

  • 29. dovid wrote:

    Just the opposite of what u said. When a Jew does something wrong it makes the headlines! we have seen that to many times!

  • 30. Anony-mouse wrote:

    Where is the outcry when the Taliban attack Jews IN 770?

    Where is the outcry when they destroy our holy sefarim because they aren’t printed with Yechi?

    Where is the outcry when Rabbi Krinsky gets spat in the face, when a Shliach has his legs broken, when Rabbi Osdoba is humiliated & insulted by some disheveled and dirty upstart who calls himself a Chaver of the Beis Din when he doesn’t even have Semicha??

    How about cleaning our own house?

  • 32. mendoza wrote:

    to post # 1 and 2 and 3 ….this is how it was in the 1930 s b4 world war 2 ….u cant lets this go by like a joke … the victims of the shoah would tell us to fight back . and to teach self defence .
    never again …never again


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