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Video: A Tribute to Leiby – by Yisroel Amar

Singer: Yisroel Amar
Video: CJ Studios 718.781.6405
Lyrics: Esty Shemtov, Dina Amar
Concept & Ideas: Rabbi Chay Amar
Studio engineering: Ron BenHaim
Consultant: Mendel Amar
Original melody of Vehoo Keili: “Rabbi Baruch Levine”

Glowing with pride
Learning side by side
Torah’s flame burning inside
Together as one
In an eternal bond
Yaakov and yosef his son

My son you must leave
You brothers you will see
And beshalom come back to me
His first journey alone
Away from his home
Leaving, his future is unknown

As the day passes on, he awaits his return
For my son oh my son I cannot mourn
Feeling a loss so strong
He desperately does long
For an answer, for a reason
Oh Father I seem far, my journey just began
To help my brothers from where I am
Hashem’s plan you can’t see
But for you I will be
In a foreign land, awaiting…

Tragically, in our times,
A sweet boy of nine,
Decides to leave his mother’s side.
His first journey alone
Away from his home
Leaving, his future is unknown

As the day passes on, they await his return
For leiby, oh my son I cannot mourn!
Feeling a loss so strong
Desperately we long
For an answer, for a reason
Yidden I may be far, my soul up on high
To beseech our father in heaven
Hashem’s plan you can’t see,
But with you I will be,
The geula, demanding!


  • 2. yitzchak motti wrote:

    Wouldn’t splitting up the whole shas in his memory even 2 learn it with atleast Tosfos and some other Reshonim, 2 finish it in time 4 the 1st Yartzeit be worth more then a song ? A song is nice but the true way 2 honor the soul is by learning Gemara Rashi Tosfos with Reshonim and if can’t learn with the basic Reshonim (Ran, Ritva Rashba) that means evwrything. We r not nocking a song but let’s show the world what will really do it . Even not 2 learn with those Reshonim but at least Tosfos and by the 1st Yartzeit make a big siyum. You find by ppl who won’t on can’t learn themselves will spend more $$$ on a kidush then Cgiving a donation 2 770 or any yeshivah that the day of the Yartzeit, the learning of the bachurim will be learned in honor of the soul that has passed on but y should some 1 spend more $$$ on food which just a small vort on the sedra is said then a whole day of learning in a kollel yeshivah or whatever and its a whole say of learning. It’s not really understood but unfortunately that is the way ppl think.

  • 3. #1 wrote:

    I’m sure there are plenty of people who are learning in Leiby’s memory. Comes a kid who is using his G-d-given talents to honor his memory in his own way, and of course someone has to find something wrong with it. Maybe it didn’t come out of his pocket, but it most definitely is from deep within him. (No wonder more kids don’t show their talents more often…)

  • 5. geulah now! wrote:

    very beautiful. the words are very heartfelt.
    i hope Laiby a”h family get to hear it someday.

  • 10. ee bee wrote:

    beautiful way of using your talents to try to honor the memory of Leiby. May you have the merit to use them for only good things from now on

  • 13. acapella wrote:

    to all those complaining bout the music. do u not see that it says acapella???

  • 16. lol wrote:

    ITS CALLED ACAPELLA!!! but it sounds like music…. just like beatboxing, some people dont allow it


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