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  • 1. sick! wrote:

    he.needs.to.be.killed!Psychopaths and sociopaths know what society considers wrong, they just don’t care-their desires trump everything-the world around them is for them to use for gratification

  • 2. Reporter wrote:

    Is it just me or is the reporters voice dripping with venom and acussation?

  • 3. not in CH wrote:

    The reporter is a idiot no surprise there its CNN, The former cop is speculating,he has NO source that the family knew the killer.

  • 4. PhD wrote:

    youre not 100% right…. Psychopathy is the lack of having foresight. That would mean not being able to distinguish consequences. it is an impulse control disorder. This man is not a sociopath, which is resultant of past psychological trauma (ie: abuse, neglect, or poverty). Sociopaths are also more even tempered. from all my readings on the CH sites, this man was NOT even keeled.

  • 5. Me wrote:

    Only CNN would be out to call the Jews liar. As if the fact that he was or was not known to the murderer makes a difference to how sick this killing was. Instead of spending time on wat the case is about they hang on that…only CNN

  • 6. mi wrote:

    im sorry but this detective does not know what he is talking about, it is a random case, the boy did not know the murderer

  • 7. yid wrote:

    CNN will always try to make it as if it’s a “normal” mental illness

  • 8. Failed Speculation wrote:

    This is speculation, and I for one speculate that his source is the same crank who “the failed one” claims as a source for the same speculation – ie someone out to make frum Jews look bad.

    Crescent News Network is not to be trusted. This former detective (why is he former?) and present defective is just pouring salt on open wounds to get 15 minutes of fame.


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