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Video: Starbucks Rabbi

A Lubavitcher chossid appears in this Starbucks commercial, can you identify him?

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  • 5. trief wrote:

    according to the chof-k there are only 4 drinks that are kosher
    looks like laibel shapiro a bit although it is not him

  • 6. dja wrote:

    Dont nderstand the comments above. Is that wrong what he did ? some people need to learn how to not take everything to the extreme. Talking to a priest is bad?many Rabbis debate with them.

  • 7. A guess wrote:

    Looks like Rabbi Dr. Chaim Dovid Kagan.

    A brilliant Scholar in Talmud, Halacha, and lihavdil Limudei Chol. Plus he is a person with a Lev Tov.

  • 9. Leeba wrote:

    we do what we have to do to pay tuition. As a matter of fact, it is kosher!

  • 11. stange... wrote:

    “we do what we have to do to pay tuition”!!!! what the heck LEEBA!!!

  • 12. joe wrote:

    Yasher koach to the Marks family comment 9 is real. Its called recognizing reality and doing something about it unlike many of our compatriots who would rather that someone else do it for them.

  • 16. to #14 wrote:

    if he’s a rabbi, wat should he wear…tank top, baseball cap, and jeans??????

  • 19. Go Leeba!!! :) wrote:

    #1 thr r plenty of rabbis who have debated with priests
    #2 y odes e/o always need 2 find the neg in all tht ppl do???
    cant we all just look 4 the positive in others???

  • 20. CHT wrote:

    I never saw professional filming were actor speaks opposite direction from camera.

  • 21. Chaim Marks wrote:

    My father is not a rabbi, He is a kind man and a good jew. The others in this commerical are all actors, not priests or jockeys. Actors. Starbucks coffee is one of the most, if not the most popular coffee in the world, and just about every jew I know drinks it. So before you go and criticize someone, why don’t you look into yourself and realize that there is nothing wrong with this picture.

  • 22. 2day wrote:

    definitely not rabbi dr. chaim dovid kagan or leible schapiro dosen’t look like them in any which way shape or form either!

  • 23. yosy wrote:

    GREAT!? So now, they’re giving “hechsheirim” to BOTH galuchim AND starbucks?!
    Two aveiros for the price of one?
    What’s next….? McDonald’s?

  • 24. Frum Not Krum wrote:

    The product he is advertising is instant coffee in a single use pack. It is 1000% kosher.

    And I am one Jew in the world who DOESN’T drink Starbucks, but I know the difference between kashrus and wanting to be frummer than everyone else.

  • 25. let-s laugh sometimes! wrote:

    Such a fuss over such a short commercial. We should be thankful if this is our biggest worry! Let’s stop knit-picking every little thing!

  • 26. Akiva wrote:

    Respectful, tasteful, and showing that today a Chabadnik is what people think of when they think rabbi.

    Yasher koach and may you have much success in representing klal yisroel positively.

  • 27. Mendel wrote:

    here is a small explanation why this is wrong.

    a Jew dressed in “Rabbi” clothes doesn’t casually crack jokes in the street with a galach and especially doesn’t pride himself with “hanging out” together.

    in addition: a “Rabbi” doesn;t hang out at a coffee “bar” when the entire reason behind bishul goy and pas palter is to keep the social circles of yidden and goyim seperate.

    There are many responsa on the subject whether one is even allowed to sit in a starbucks type hang out.

  • 30. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wrote:

    all of you guys should watch what you say, I own starbucks, just like when you write a name joe, im gonna believe thats your name lol

  • 31. Rochel wrote:

    Firstly i want to say congratulations to the marks family both for your honesty and resourcefulness. I admire you. People so should only be so willing as u are to do what ever they can to actually PAY tuition.

    Secondly to all the ignoramus out there, the Starbucks via he is advertising is sooooooooo kosher u have no clue what u are talking about.
    thirdly there are some “Rabbis” that ppl go to for halachic Shaylos that were extras in movie scenes with prostitutes so i would keep my mouth shut if i were you.

    As for the Galach, we have been dealing with them all our lives and they actually do meet and discuss things in parve and public places like Starbucks. Since none feel comfortable in the other’s place of worship and rightfully so.

    plus for those who know ANYTHING about marketing the commercial was trying to reenact the typical joke of a rabbi and priest and a______ were______-!
    I think it was well done and nothing wrong with it!

    Plus to all those extreme parents out there loosen up this is why your children go off the derech, your CHOKING them.
    I am a phycologist and i deal with YOUR kids everyday and speak to them in OUR own Crown Heights Mosdos.
    Don’t make what is Mutar (permissible) become Assur (forbidden)
    some things are ok….so chill out and smell the Starbucks Via Coffee!

  • 32. saddened by our community wrote:

    WHY is extremism so necessary in lubavitch? Here is one of our own, appearing in a kapote in a commercial, in a cute joke, for a kosher starbucks product and we have to go on a popular website and trash him his family and relatives should see and hear etc… and embarrass him??? what kind of community are we? are we forgetting the essence of being a chossid? of ahavas yisroel??? if u don’t agree with it- don’t do it, or privately email not to post it…how can we act like rabbi akiva’s students and boast “I am better and frumer than u….. and embarass another jew on the worls wide web….” what have we come to???

    with a hope, one week after gimel tammuz, that we could internalize what lubavitch is supposed to be, and really truly respect one another, and not embarass ppl in the future for your personal opinion of right and wrong.

  • 33. who do you know wrote:

    the son mentions just about very jew i know drinks IT that means he doesn’t know many jews thats a real shame to express yourself that way.
    Get to know some real jews and see how they live and take good example.

  • 35. Rochel wrote:

    to #33 chill out! Most Jews DO drink Starbucks more than u prob know. and we ARE real Jews, shame on you for saying real Jews don’t drink starbucks.
    U should be ashamed of yourself that u can say something to THEIR son and then add your stupid word Hatzlacha at the end.

    go hide under the rock where u so obviously belong


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