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Video: Road Trippin’ Rabbis


  • 1. Wonderful to see wrote:

    Beautiful to see good things in the news, especially of people doing selfless acts to help others.

  • 2. nice vid wrote:

    Good Job, guys!

    Who sings that version of “A’mosai”? Thanks!

  • 6. wilkes-Barre student wrote:

    keep up the work my brothers. we r bringing moshiach 1 jew @ a time

  • 7. Yehuda Ferris wrote:

    Go,CMM Ferris!
    Making the world a better place,one mitzvah at a time!

  • 8. Boruch wrote:

    whats the name of the song that’s playing in the background and who is the musician?

  • 9. Elchanan From the Mayanot Shul wrote:

    Yakov!! Great to see you! Keep up the good work!! :-)

  • 12. Mushky P wrote:

    I love it!
    “Chabad Life – Powered by Moshiach”
    Great Job!
    Moshiach will definitely come quicker because of your Shlichus :)

  • 15. meir rhodes wrote:

    wonderful, chevra. next the alta cockerum should leave the bunglows for a few days and follow up on merkos schulcim. all hands on deck.

  • 16. the mom at 706 wrote:

    following your progress from vancouver b.c.!! beautiful!!
    continued hatzlacha!!!

  • 17. Tim wrote:

    Go Chaim Ferris! We thought we recognized someone in the video.

    Tatty’s friends, Agent T and Family


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