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SHOCKING VIDEO: Teens Playing Chicken with a Train

A reader sent us this video he took with his iPhone while waiting for a train in the Kingston Avenue subway station. A group of black teens jumped down to the tracks as a train approached the station, and hit the train as it passed.

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  • 1. wow again 2 wrote:

    I don’t care if my tax dollars will go to make a GLass wall around the subway walls atleast we will be safer …It was mentioned last week on the news to build a safety wall

  • 2. ch-er who is not a racist wrote:

    Although it is sad and unfortunate that wild teenagers were behaving in such a way, why did you feel the need to mention that they were black. It was an extremely racial way to give over a story.

  • 7. to number 1 wrote:

    Also we should make a city wide net 8 feet tall that if anybody jumps off a roof, the net should catch them. Genius.

  • 8. disgusted wrote:

    this is the reason i try not to use the trains!! its infested with these crazy kids!! playing with their lives!!

  • 9. Let Them wrote:

    If they’re stupid enough to do things like this, let them pay the consequences as well….

  • 10. call a spade a spade wrote:

    to #9…. what the hell is racist with saying black teens!!!?? open up ur eyes and u will see they r BLACK!!!!!! its u stupid liberals that have such complexes!! =grow up

  • 12. wow again 2 wrote:

    racial or not … the point is that we are living in dangerous times and a safty gate has to be put there before someone really gets hurt but i doubt it will happen soon maybe in like 50 years or so

  • 16. to#9 wrote:

    to #9. if they where white they would have said white. get a life and dont ahy away from the issue

  • 17. they r craaaaaaazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    typical new york subway scene!! not surprised…….

  • 19. Sensitive Soul wrote:

    Hey Mr. “ch-er who is not a racist” (no. 9) – you don’t seem to have any trouble with the author calling them “teens” – don’t you find that offensive, almost implicating all upstanding teenagers! Shouldn’t it have just stated a group of “people” to be politically correct? Why give all teens a bad rap?

    And why write that they “hit” the train, could it have been phrased without such a slanted word. Much better would have been “touched,” or “made contact with,” and to be more accurate, that they “allegedly touched.”

    And why bother mentioning that it was a “train” involved, that would be giving a bad image to our wonderful transportation system. The story should have simply stated “some people allegedly touched a public transportation vehicle.”

    And why bother posting such scandalous “news” anyway, it is just negativity, and better would be to only write (and read) completely positive stories. There is no need for this at all.

    You and the author should both be forced to attend a series of “sensitivity training” sessions ASAP. You are obviously very sick individuals (I mean it only for your benefit).

    Meanwhile, I suggest that when you find yourself in an environment where there are some “alleged people” who are “allegedly acting improperly” — you will console yourself that you are no longer going to be an insensitive bigot.

    Best wishes for your mental and physical recovery.

  • 20. ceo wrote:

    let them be arrested (because the train driver could suffer a heart attack if he sees peeople there) and then their punishment is to sit and study what meaningful activites could be, and to have “mandatory volunteering” to depressed people in the hospital who tried to do that for other reasons. They are just not in reality and they need help getting to reality.

  • 21. PC wrote:

    I am pretty sure if it would have been Jewish Bochurim from 770, it would have been noted. The pointless PC benefits no one.

  • 22. shocked! wrote:

    ok just saying that yes these people are stupid idiots!!! but i think its sooo rude how people comment on this. we are all entitled to our own opinions and i am more disturbed by how you talk to each other more then them saying “black teens”!!! i realize we have freedom of speech but what happened to respecting peoples opinions!?
    i can just imagine you are talking to your friend tomorrow about this post article and talking about the comments and you realize its your friend that you told has problems and needs help!

  • 25. To #15 (sensitive soul) wrote:

    You wouldn’t have any trouble with the author calling them “people“? Have you any idea how offensive it would be to the upstanding citizens who are under the category of ”people” to see the term used in such a scenario? :)

  • 28. to #9 wrote:

    seriously!?!?! get a life.we call ourselves Jews..we write “white” in whats wrong with saying black? you noticing that is just pathetic..if we didn’t put it in that would be racist..whats wrong with using descriptive titles? black is NOT bad and YOU are the one making it seem like it is! GROW UP

  • 29. Empire wrote:

    The problem with emphasizing that they are black is the insinuation of this website that they are in fact NOt jewish. Im positive the comments wouldnt include:

    “they should have killed themselves!” from number 12.

  • 30. If only it was a Jew wrote:

    If this was a Jew he would have probably gotten a ticket for something, don`t worry they (cops) will already make up a reason why.

    Fortunately Jews are much smarter than that, and we don`t call this “fun”

  • 31. going too far wrote:

    When did describing someone Black become bad.
    Growing up 40 years ago the word “Black” was innocent.
    Since the crazy days of being “politically correct” every word is scrutinized and you can hardly say anything anymore.
    relax…there’s nothing wrong with refering to the teens as Black…guess what? They are black. If the story had been reversed and the article said a group of Jewish teenagers (with obvious yarmalkas and tzitzis)…would you be offended?

  • 35. Back On the Chain Gang wrote:

    They need to have more city-sponsored activities – like breaking rocks on Rikers or chain gang duty shoveling snow.

  • 36. Moshiach Now wrote:

    The video is not a clear one and it is difficult to see who had gotten on the tracks especially from a Blackberry. Considering the station involved and the story appearing on, it would be very easy to assume that the culprits were Jewish bochurim. The description of black teens identified the unidentifiable from the quality of the video as they could have easily been off the derech boys. That being said, it is taught in universities across the nation in communications and journalism classes to be specific in despriptions and the standard ethnic description for Africian Americans is black. For Southern Americans are hispanics; caucasians are white; And Jews are Jews. The offense here is simply the implications of their actions. As NBC reported on this issue it is very sad that in this generation goyish teenagers do not have a purpose for living and are eager to endanger themselves to imbue their lives with purpose. In the Midwest, drug use and violent acts of crime in schools have become a normal part of living. On the West coast, gangs still threaten teenager’s futures. Everywhere goyium are questioning why they exist. Therefore, for those of us blessed enough to have a reason for living we should take the Rebbe’s directive and focus on teaching the Noahide Laws to these lost people. The stage is set and all that is needed is our effort to bring Moshiach and restore the world to its proper purpose! Moshiach Now!!!


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