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Video: Guma Aguiar Talks About his Breakdown

In an interview to Israels channel two news Guma Aguiar, the young Brazillionaire, opens up about the pressure that lead to his breakdown, and being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Guma Talks about Chabad, the Rebbe, and his return to the forefront.


  • 1. R- Moshe Meir You saived his life! wrote:

    WTG R’ Moshe Meir…. You did an outstaning job. May Hashem continue to bless the two of you!

  • 3. Not OK and not a tzaddik wrote:

    Sadly, he will never be OK without medication. And his money only makes it easier for him to find other outlets instead of that medication.

    He is not and was not under pressure. He has money from sale of a firm and no longer has to work.

    What you are seeing here is just another phase of his disease; no shaliach or anyone else can or will save him.

  • 4. To number 3 wrote:

    to #3.. you’re so sad.. Unfortunately I don’t know if you can be saved either?!

  • 5. to # 3 wrote:

    to # 3 What disease do YOU suffer from, perhaps chronic jealousy? Get a life, you obviously need one.

  • 6. Not sad, just realistic wrote:

    There is a medical component to his behavior, and what I said is just the sad truth.

    He medicates himself with fantasies and unprescribed drugs rather than seeking professional help, and the only way to get him help is through the medical profession.

    I am not jealous of a man who is suffering even more because he has money than he would be anyway from a medical illness that is treatable but not curable.

  • 7. moshe klianggold wrote:

    he is a good man and he loves g-d and the rebbe so let go and let g-d and let the rebbe tke care of him

  • 8. Michael B wrote:

    Show respect, regardless of how much you have BG”UR we all face challenges daily and how everyone deals with it is their own business and when someone comes out and speaks about it KUDOS to them!! Guma utmost respect to you !


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