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Video: Official Music Video – Unity

Unity for Justice has united 30 Jewish musicians in a single musical production to promote universal unity amongst Jewish and secular communities, in the hope and belief that unity and togetherness will raise public awareness for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s case, and increase donations to help fund his legal team.

Click Here to download a copy of the song.


  • 4. Niz wrote:

    Beautiful video!!! Shragi, you look (and sound) great!

    Avi Begun – nice to see you with the big boys!

  • 5. Just Noticing... wrote:

    One major jewish religious singer didnt make an appearance, despite singing for other “important” causes, like saving people in africa, and promoting eco friendly jeans…
    I guess his contract didnt allow it….

  • 7. lazer wrote:

    Brrliant lets hope through this unity Sholom Mordichai Halivei ben Rivka will be realesed “Takeaf Umeyad Mammosh Now”

  • 9. nachas wrote:

    so touching! such nachas! jews from all different chassidim getting togethor!poshut makes me cry this is what i love to watch yidden working togethor, lets cry out to hashem yisborach to bring nishiach now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thogh one question, im just wondering why no pix of rebbe? i mean, if already showing video of 770 show the rebbe,

  • 10. YesOhYes Inc. wrote:

    A beautiful production.
    A true masterpiece.

    May G-D Bless those involved in it and especially Sholom Mordche.
    We will here good news soon.

  • 12. yoyu wrote:

    so gorgeous! i know the intention was not to make me stop breathing,,,but it was soo gorgeous, his wife is a tzadeikes, his kids adorable. … we should hear only good news.

  • 15. Ive heard this song before... wrote:

    This is nice but did not live up to its hype. Sorry.

  • 17. Mendy Hecht wrote:

    Am I the only one thinking, “We Are The World…”, or does this seem like that to you too? Nu, look–it’s a good thing. May Sholom get the ideal appeal results posthaste.

  • 18. Beautiful production, wrong song! wrote:

    Hey, MBD, How about this song:

    Many months alone in his cell
    Awaiting redemption so anxiously
    A victim of injustice living through hell
    Yearning for home, his destiny

    His commitment to Torah is clear
    Thats how he keeps his sanity
    His devotion to Hashem is so dear
    Inspiring thousands to unity

    The fight for his life, never must fade
    Stand up against this tyranny
    This injustice is a disgrace
    To truth, fairness and liberty

    We must cry out and speak now
    We must stand up for truth now
    We must always have in mind
    A brother so good and kind
    Locked up without purpose
    Lets stand up across this nation
    Call out for action to be taken

    Thousands shout out no!
    Let Shalom Mordechai go
    Let’s unite for Justice!

    Thousands shout out, No!
    Let Shalom Mordechai go
    We must stand up for Justice!

    Thousands shouting, no!
    Let Shalom Mordechai go!
    We demand Justice!
    PS – The man needs our voice to speak out for him, because he cannot speak out for himself. Getting emotional is not enough, it is a good start, but must lead to action.

    Ask yourself: What have I done for SMR today? Call your congressman, write letters of support. Donate. Make your voice heard. Unity is nice, but it must lead to action.

  • 20. Moshe wrote:

    TOF SHIN EYIN ALEPH -TEHAI SHNAS AM ECHAD!!!! This WILL bring Moshiach!! Let’s show our Achdus and pure love for each other each and every day of the coming year. It’s so much better then Machlokes R”L.

  • 23. This wrote:

    A very moving message. They should have mentioned REMORSE. This would mitigate some of the chilul hashem that was caused by his actions.

  • 25. So impressed!!! wrote:

    The most amazing , incredible piece of music I have ever watched. It literally tore at the heart strings, and made me poshut cry. . . beautifully done, inspiring. . . awesome!!! What else can I say?? ONE OF A KIND!!!
    Thank you all of you!! Please can we have more!!!

  • 26. go-ds right hand man wrote:

    it is great and after hearing it i got started dotting the i’s and crossing the the t’s
    because i like sleeping well
    have a good shabbos

  • 28. We are the world wrote:

    Touching song
    it reminded me of we are the world by MJ
    Great song

  • 29. Did they ask all the other singers? wrote:

    Did they ask… Sruly Williger, Eli Gerstner, Ohad, Dedi, Dudu Fisher, Schweky, Unkle Moishe Shlomi Dacks etc.

  • 30. Pidyon Shivuyim wrote:

    This is a beautifull video that brings out the mitzva of pidyon shvuyim

  • 31. Justice system wrote:

    What has this country come to?
    I understand special intrest politicians
    But Judges??


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