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Outrageous Video of the Day! – Speechless!

NYC Sanitation Steals Mercedes – NYPD Mishandles Investigation

If your car is stolen in New York City don’t count on the police to be out there looking for it. A man from Brooklyn is furious that police and sanitation officers couldn’t spot the stolen cars that were right under their noses. Fox 5’s Arnold Diaz has a story that will have you shaking your head in disbelief.


  • 3. crown heights wrote:

    Yes i was just going to write that
    how cool !!!!!.
    He is proberbly a yid.

  • 7. Sue Sue wrote:

    I think that the guy should sue the NYPD and Sanitation, for neglect and damage. When someone does not care how they park their car it is a RED LIGHT to a stolen vehicle!

  • 8. levi wrote:

    ha sounds like the terrible cops in south africa your house in the middle getting robbed and you call the cops and they say aish be there in 4 hours dont have petrol for car

  • 9. Ploni wrote:

    They pulled this in Chicago years ago. The reason these filthy, inhumane metropolitan monsters get away with this sort of thing is because–sorry folks–the citizenry is timid, cowered, and kowtowed. You guys let them get away with it.


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