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  • 4. D. Chossid wrote:

    I hate to have the job here of a critic, but these things need to be said.

    As a child growing up I always dreamed of the day my own kids would be part of Tzivos Hashem too. I could imagine them proceeding from rank to rank, etc.

    Today unfortunately, I have 2 young children whom I will NOT be enrolling in Tzivos Hashem.

    I want my children to grow up chassidish without outside influences in my home.

    The Tzivos Hashem Magazines, with kids dressed in an un-chassidish way, with references to movies, will not be gracing my home, and filling my kids minds with curiosity about those things.

    I remember growing up feeling left out when kids in my class would discuss movies, and I was curious and wanted to see them too. I will not do that to my kids.

    I am absolutely certain that the Rebbe would never have approved such magazines.

    I would like to hear other people’s opinions in this matter.

  • 5. sad wrote:


    as with many other new programs we seem to be pusing a little to far. when it come to tznius, being modern, and at times trying to be “like them” look at some of the brochures from other moisdos doing outreach. look at the latedt promotion from JLI. or you can even look at the “SUSH BUFET” given for the bocrim who work at ach sheli. can you imaging making a sushi bufet 20 or even 10 or even 5 years ago for bocrim doing merkos shilichus? they should have made a nice fabrenegen. what is going on, is that we are all forgeting who we are. and each organisation is pushit it a little further.


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