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Video – Press Conference at the JCM


  • 1. pissed off wrote:

    you people are crazzzy!!! why are you making it sound better just b/c it was Shabbos and they knew he had no money??? It sounds like we will tolerate armed robbery, but hate??? now, thats something else. Whoever spoke at that news thing needs a staple in their head!!!

  • 2. A Fed up CH Resident wrote:

    I was at the press conference, and I have one thing to say about it: Politics at its best!
    I live here; Eric Adams, Dov Hikend and Frank Vega do not!

    I walk here every day, with fear, looking over my shoulder with a can of pepper spry, which I doubt would help stop these blood sucking, anti-human, anti-Semitic imbeciles.
    If it gets any worse here, it might well be more worth it to move to Gaza

    Crown heights and the Jewish community, needs our own Sharpton!

  • 3. Zalamn wrote:

    Reply to pissed off: hate is worse then robbery. So by making it clear that it was Shobbos shows that it was hate only. listen in better next time.

  • 5. also a victim wrote:

    Dov Hikind is always there when he can talk & talk & talk until eventually, he deflates like a wheezy balloon. He loves the media attention, but doesn’t really care about CH. Why should he? we’re not his voters.

    As for Berel Sugar…he talked sense! I applauded myself at one point! He’s presentable, articulate, & he really cares because he lives here too. Dov Hikind only cares about personal publicity, so who wants him here?

    BTW where was our wimpy leader Moshe Rubashkin? Conspicuous by his absence? And Vega?

    This is a start, shades of Sharpton, but Berel Sugar is the only one who is honestly passionate about our safety. He can get the job done & deserves our support. The rest of the driftwood can get lost.

  • 7. CHer wrote:

    What is wrong with Berel Sugar… He spoke well until he invoked the Holocaust…

    He’s our very own Hugo Chavez.

  • 8. Face it wrote:

    To CHer:
    Just because Mr. Sugar spoke from the heart and didn’t play politics doesn’t make him an extremist. We need someone like him to speak up, clearly not politically (for that we have Mr. Hikind and other politicians), and voice our dire concerns for safety.
    We should all support him. If it takes the star, so let it be.
    What will it take, for people like you, to understand? Perhaps another riot or murder C”V!?

  • 9. Try This wrote:

    Crown Heights residents should start applying for hand gun permits. (Everyone is allowed to keep one in the home). If the city sees an upsurge in pistol permit applications from the neighborhood they will be more inclined to act. (Anyone can pick up an application at one police plaza). (Even if you don’t plan on applying the application request is documented and will also have a positive effect).

  • 10. NEVER FORGET wrote:

    To CHer: Don’t you get it? Hate is what led to the Holocaust. Just remember, history always repeats itself. If it’s not in our generation, it could be our children or grandchildren, G-d Forbid. We have to do everything in our power to stop it now, and never forget the 6 million that died only 60 years ago.

  • 11. A bit Radical wrote:

    Um, the refrence to the holocost was a bit out of line. The Rebbe promised us never again will such an event happen, and I believe him.

  • 12. yapati yap yap wrote:

    on a more pleasant note, I saw police men standing in the ice cold on my way home today. does anyone her care to applaud that?

  • 13. ch was wrote:

    these poeple are like rats they come out of their holes when the news is around chew everything up and then leave when there is still a mess nothing will change its the same every time hate,talk,more police(for 2 days), news,more talk, then back to the way it was so what did they do NOTHING

  • 15. Yitzchak wrote:

    Opinions and questions, OK. falsehood no good.

    1. State Senator Eric Adams does live here- he is our state senator and lives IN OUR district. The last Senator, Andrews, lived in the middle of the Jewish shtetl. He was a NYPD Captain and knows the system- he always took on his brass when he needed to.

    2. Rubashkin was there. So was Lang and Plotkin and Sperlin.

    3. Hikind can help Crown Heights in a way no Jew in local leadership can: he gets press and he gets attention.

    4. This was not the place for Vega- after all, the press conference was calling for police action. It was not his show.

  • 16. chrup! wrote:

    thats all fine and dandy. so the police will be out on more patrols and all…but the question is for how long!

  • 17. YANKLE wrote:

    Does anyone know why Hikind came to Crown Heights. His tone is much different than when I remember him with Kahane’s JDL and “every Jew a 22”.

  • 18. Yep wrote:

    I’m in agreement with CHer. It was good until he pulled out the star. He went too far and and in doing so weakened the credibility of his entire message.

  • 19. Ezzie Schaffran wrote:

    Berel Sugar, you rock. I must say that you are doing great. Dont let anyone persuade you to change your style or cease your good work. Keep it up!

  • 20. Ben Mendel wrote:

    First Moshe was there, why are we picking on those few individuals who attempt to Showcase the problems and needs of our community.What about the Mayor the Govenour and everybody public and private who could of should of but did not. Maybe the blood of our children isn’t red enough for them to take an interest.

  • 21. just a 21 yr old. CH visiter. wrote:

    All you crownheights talkers and commenters…..why don’t you take a minute and re-think, all the things you are saying.
    For the past 2 yrs, how far has the community gone downwards in religion?????!!!!!
    Cursing out the Jewish community leaders and Dov Hikend who came to speak on your behalf, and all the bochurim from tzfas that you so openly tell then to get lost..(these are just a few exaples..) if you guys hate each other so much how do you expect anyone from out of our community or from other religions or from other walks of life to help you.How do you expect others not to hate you and not to hurt you if you hurt each other so much. so you’re not picking up a gun to another but what about the things you say. Have you ever thought of who is the One and Only decision maker in the entire world. Why don’t you try and ask him for help. start doing things you are supposed to be doing. for example change the whole look of crown heights. the tznius is disgusting. start treating your fellow jew as a brother, with respect and maybe Hashem will help you without you even begging..
    And Thank you to all those who are trying to make a difference.

  • 22. Worried Sick MOM wrote:

    there are so many people that were affected by crime in this community, maybe we should gather all the people that had some incidents together and show our solidarity. My son was accosted on the way to school and his bike was nearly stolen, now he is afraid to walk to and from school, so I do carpool every day. Do we live in harlem? what happened to our safe community? I am talking broad daylight. forget the fact that I would never let my kids walk home at night! Please lets get our streets safe again!

  • 23. Mendy K. wrote:

    what berel sugar did with the yellow star was completely distastteful and improper.

    What dov hikind said was merely just a poltical ploy.His words mean nothing.Only action means something.

    While I agree with most that the police should do more not only to catch criminals but to also have more of a presence on the street to deter and prevent crime.

    Unfortunately in the wake of this terrible attack, the increased police presence was only there to raise revenue for the city by pulling everyone over and looking for a reason to write a summons.

    Where were our shomrim organizations while this attack was happening? Perhaps the shomrim should have more of a preence on the streets to deter crime? Or have the shomrim been emasculated?

    We need the Maccabees! Does anyone remember the maccabee vigilante group from years ago?

  • 24. utica yid wrote:

    reply to CHer
    that is absured he is the only to actually get and speak sense and actually put the blame were it was sopose to be so untill you have the guts to actully get and defend your comunity i think you should keep your thoughts to yourself the bottom line is the NYPD has to be held accountable instead of sitting in the station all day we need more patrols and cops on every corners not only until troy but untill utica aswell

  • 26. ch resident wrote:

    My hero,
    Let me tell you that you did an amazing job. You looked great up there speaking and on your other reports. Well done, and i am extremely sorry that you had to be the one to suffer and be the poor victim of this incident. You show them who’s the bosss!! Go Balkany!

  • 27. the establishment is in der erd wrote:

    Where was Chanina? Where was Rubashkin? Where were the other vaad hakohol memebers? Where were all the bored losers whom we know about only from the pamphlets they put out against each other?

  • 28. elchonon wrote:

    Try this,
    Halavai! go ahead and buy it! A brand new handgun will cost you 500-600$ that means you eat out a few less times and the gun lasts 50 years.

    Stop with the 50 locks and bolts business… put a NRA meber sticker and your safe!

  • 29. Tough Jew wrote:

    Great job Berel Sugar we need spokespeople that can speak English properly and come across as normal (i.e. NOT Chaninah).
    You also expressed a good point but
    the yellow star thing was cheesy.

  • 30. ch-er wrote:

    patrolling is only one piece of the puzzel. there has to be an ATTITUDE that the police WANT to protect us. if they have that attitude, then it would be very easy to file reports, make arrests, etc.

  • 32. to mendy k wrote:

    the shomrim organizations are VOLUNTEERS. before you start criticizing, maybe you should go out into the freezing cold at 1 am, to help someone

  • 33. Annoyed wrote:

    To Tough Jew
    You thought the Yellow Star was cheesy?
    Reminding people of hate at its deadliest is never cheesy, especially when its your own people. Just look whats been happening to other Jews all over the world. Unfortunately if you dont throw it back in their face they will “conveniently” forget the Holocaust ever happened.

  • 34. elchonon wrote:

    to try this,
    How about you get off your tush and get it yourself ? its alot harder to get a gun here in israel.. a bunch of dead friends and dozens of injured makes you run VERY fast.. why c’v wait for it ?

  • 35. fed up/scird to walk to scool wrote:

    i was walking to scool and to africen
    americens sed nasty coments and ialmost
    got my bike stolen lukly thae didnt hit me and i ran in to albany bake shop
    i am very sceard to walk to scool why do thae hate jewish pepol

  • 36. Mendy K. wrote:

    i wasnt criticizing the shomrim per se. I appreciate every moment of time they give to help the community.But even with their help this unprovoked beating of an innocent teen still happened.

    I was just begging for more.More volunteers, more unity , more vigilantism.

    The Maccabbes used to kick butt ,and message got out on the streets that the good people of crown heights will stand up and defend themselves.

    If someone would give me a radio , I would volunteer 2 nights a week to defend a particular street.Hopefully others will volunteer to defend another block.And after we have enough revolving volunteers we can cover the entire neighborhood every day.

  • 37. just an 18 yr old out of towner wrote:

    i totally agree with the 21 year old.

    your comments are all pathetic!!!

    why can’t you all be nice and respectful to eachother, and then, if it will ever happen, you could go make fun of other people and complain about them (if you realy feel the need).

    in short, everyone should just grow up!


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