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NBC4’s Coverage of the Friday Night’s Hate Crime


  • 1. ?? wrote:

    community leaders are satisfied??? community leaders never say a word, they don’t give a damn.

  • 2. Shmuli wrote:

    Benyamiin!! you look aaawesome!!!!! and well said – could not have been done any better.

  • 3. Ken wrote:

    Dear officer Vaga.
    I have lived in crown heights for 38 years now.
    I have seen over the years, ups and downs.
    I am sorry to say that in the last 2 years, it has been the lowest ever!
    They say a cat has 9 lives, it seems to me, what’s going on here in crown heights under your command, that you have as well 9 lives. So much going on in such a short time!
    I understand from the inside that your dear friend officer fox will not cover your back to much longer.
    He is a good man with a good job which he likes and wants to keep.
    To take the fall for you is not something I understand he wants to take for you.
    Please make crown heights save again! If you are not able to, please give the job over to someone who regards. Ken

  • 5. Blatant Lies! wrote:

    The chutzpah of the media to say that the police says our community is satisfied with the police’s respons here! We need to contact the media and inform them what is really happening, i.e. the meetings, lack of presence in the streets, not filing reports, etc. Does anyone know how to do this or have any connections?

  • 9. Exposure wrote:

    We may be safer because of all the efforts to publisize. Thanks to all involved including the victom. A Yeshacoach.

  • 10. Lucky Wolf wrote:

    LOL, Benymin Kol Hakvod!

    Community leaders are satisfied? Which leaders?’ I’d like to know some names!

  • 12. Yossi Gelker wrote:

    att: blatent lies… it’s not the press that has chutzpah.. it’s the police!!!

  • 14. Stewie wrote:

    This is the only way to hit back at the police get the media involved. Vega have some self respect and step aside.. You time has come.. Your flunkies are not going to protect you much longer.

  • 15. what community leaders? wrote:

    Any “community leaders” that say that they are satisfied should be thrown out.

  • 16. fed up wrote:

    that’s part of the problem in crown heights. Crown Heights community leaders feel it’s more important to kiss up then say it how it is… how is that going to help our problem?? it used to be that women didn’t feel safe to go out alone after dark. now men too????

  • 17. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

    Ditto to all of the above comments.

    1. We need a strong, unbiased, & hard working police force led by a Commander who actually DOES SOMETHING.

    2. We need our “community leaders” Rubashkin, Chanina etc to open their big mouths & start demanding & fighting for changes. We are little peoiple with absolutely no say. Vega, the Mayor etc don’t hear from us, they hear from the CHJCC. If the CHJCC says everything’s peachy keen, then that’s the end of it.

    What I really don’t understand is us. We elected these men & they don’t support us or generate anything for us. They never even comment on what’s going on here, except through a politically correct newsheet. Does anyone see them do ANYTHING? We need changes, but there isn’t any body strong enough to do it. So we all grumble & moan and get what we deserve because of our laziness.

    It’s time to fish or cut bait, but none of you will do anything. I can’t. My hands are tied. I’m only a woman.

  • 18. out-of-towner wrote:

    somebody should give the 71st precinct the link to CH info. then they will get the low-down on all the CH crime and car accidents! they will be amazed!!!

  • 20. Renegade wrote:

    these community “leaders” are probably the guys who met with the police to whitewash the walk-out at last police council meeting…

  • 21. elchonon wrote:

    Yeah of course crime is down.. when did you last see a jew mug his black neighbers ? or jewish youth go on shooting spress ? or jewish thugs break into homes?

    Maybe print out the census data between the jewish and non jewish populations here.. and bluntly ask the cops why they have no time to fight crime if they have 20? thousand law abiding jewish residents..

  • 22. Ima Hear wrote:

    Crime isn’t down, only “reported” crime is, because of all the crime reports “accidentally” lost by the 71’st! Vera get real, the world is on to you.

  • 23. connections? wrote:

    the community leaders remind me of that besht story with volf kitzes, when he wanted to go to e“y. he met avraham avinu on an island and when asked how golus is, he said bh everything is fine. but if he would’ve said b”y are suffering etc, moshiach would have come. the community leaders suck up to state authority saying how we’re all fine and dandy, and nothing gets done.

  • 24. Ezzie Schaffran wrote:

    Yechi Berel Sugar! keep up the great work! If only the old farts in the community council and the Vaad Hakol would stop lining their pockets and do one decent thing for the commune.

  • 25. Israeli Soldier (ch97) wrote:

    Go Ben! way to show how Shomrim does things around here. “neighborhood police” i like the sound of that. we are the ones who make it safe and its good ppl hear it.

  • 26. Crown Heights wrote:

    Geffrey Davis from the James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation is not supported by the Jewish community (Why)? Councilwoman Tish James, Assemblyman Camaro and Districk leader Jessie Hamilton said they are satisfied with the report. Davis would be outraged and fight for us. We should support him, at least he gets results.

  • 27. Anthony wrote:

    Crown Heights’s Councilman James E. Davis, who was assassinated by a political rival was a firm advocate of communication. Just as Rebbe Schneerson looked to Jewish law to respond to the white flight of the 1960s, Davis, too, learned to draw inspiration from unexpected sources. Seeking to emphasize the importance of a unified community, he recounted a conversation between Rebbe Schneerson and then-Mayor David Dinkins in the wake of the Crown Heights riots. “Dinkins said to the Grand Rebbe, ‘We have to get these two communities together.’ And the Grand Rebbe said, ‘No, it’s one community.’”
    I believe Geoffrey Davis, Slain Councilman James E. Davis’ brother has the same teachings. I saw him at several meetings sitting with the Jewich community.


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