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Curtis Sliwa speaks at FREE’s HaChnosas Sifrei Torah Ceremony

BROOKLYN, NY [CHI] — Curtis Sliwa speaks at FREE’s Outdoor HaChnosas Sifrei Torah Ceremony in Brighton Beach.

Click Here to watch the video, (Full Screen).


  • 2. sara wrote:

    Powerful Speech!!

    Go Curtis Go.

    I think the authorities should listen carefully.

  • 5. The Commentator wrote:

    The Media Hungry Dog is yapping again

    You would of thought when he got kicked off WABC into the broom cupboard it would shut him up…

    PS The video hosting website needs to spend a few more pennies to upgrade its bandwidth allowance

  • 6. David Cohen wrote:

    Curtis for Mayor!! He is the Jewish people and Israel’s closest friend in the media!


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