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Two Brooklyn Teens Arrest for Drug Possesion Upstate

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MONTICELLO, NY — A man and a teenager from Brooklyn were arrested and charged with drug possession Friday, said Monticello police.

Y. B., 18, was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and having an open container, and E. L., 17, with felony fifth-degree criminal possession of controlled substance.

Both were arrested after village police patrolling North Street around 3:20 a.m. stopped to investigate a group of people sitting on a stone wall with beer bottles.

Police say they found a clear plastic baggie containing cocaine near L.’s feet and were in the process of arresting him when B. approached carrying a bottle of whiskey. A search of B.’s wallet turned up a clear plastic baggie containing marijuana, police say.

L. is being held in Sullivan County Jail on $2,500 bail. B. was released and ordered to return to the Monticello Village Court on Aug. 27.

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  • 4. Heartbroken in Galus wrote:

    To #2 and #3): Why do you assume they are boys? Or wonder if they are Yiddin? Sorry to say, many young Yiddishe girls and boys are engaged in the same behaviors, in the mountains and in Crown Heights, as well. Sorry to have to report the bad news and to burst the bubble. May we see the return of all the children to the path….

  • 6. disappointed wrote:

    im so disgusted by this post, how dare you ruin the lives of these young boys??? posting it online??? terrible terrible.

  • 9. to #3 wrote:

    you should rethink your comment…
    people don’t set out to ruin their lives…
    I am sure it’s more complicated than that…

    May you never know of such things

    It is a easy ‘fix’ for some and extremely hard to get out of it once addicted to it…

    Stay away from drugs and alchool abuse, for at the end of the day it is not a fix, but a destroyer.

    Hashem yirachem.

    Moshiach NOW!

  • 10. chani wrote:


    the above comments are callous
    why do you think ppl resort to drugs?
    bc they had a compromised family situation and no one in the community had enough ahavas yisroel to take them under their wing.

    in essence they are love starved.

    so ”foolish” you, get a life and be more understanding.

  • 11. nos wrote:

    these people dont realize how much it afgfects them when they abuse substancers becaause in school they are never taught about substance abuse

  • 12. Where were they? wrote:

    Guaranteed this wasn’t their first time. What do they do when they are in Brooklyn?

    Someone that knows them knew what they were going to do and should have stopped them or told someone that could.

  • 13. Alle soinim zenen plotzen wrote:

    Is Y.B., whose name I do know, related to B. of the OU who is a menuval sonei Chabad?

    Sadly, though, we have these problems as well.

  • 16. used to be off the derech wrote:

    hi a young adult who used to be into some bad things such as this and yes i am lubavitch. B”H i am on the right path now but some of you people have NO IDEA what goes on in crown heights and flatbush. it’s easy to get into trouble.

  • 17. rg wrote:

    why do you block their names? you can see their names on chaptzem, you do them no favor.

  • 18. To #13! D.F wrote:

    That is disgusting!So what, if they are not from Crown Heights or if they are not Lubavitchers…They are fellow Yidden, have some love…

  • 19. to #5 wrote:

    don’t kid yourself…

    it is the easy way to always blame it on family situations, school situations, lack of ahavas yisroel, nobody cared about them…

    Avrohom Avinu and Yitzchol Avinu both had sons who did not do the right things…

    in many cases, people who get involved in these things need to also take lot of responsibility on themselves-

    social circles that are involved in negative habits and lifestyles are terrible for a child, teenager, or adult

    …and those despicable individuals who go around and push these “sales” to our kids, in our local girls and boy schools should take a huge part of the blame!!!!!

    …and for the record, watch which guy on the street you guve your money to, there are several that use it to go and buy drugs…

  • 20. to # 5 wrote:

    Why not the say the same regarding ‘thugs’ that ‘Shomrim’ pick up??!!!!

  • 22. Michal wrote:

    “the above comments are callous
    why do you think ppl resort to drugs?
    bc they had a compromised family situation and no one in the community had enough ahavas yisroel to take them under their wing.

    in essence they are love starved.

    so ā€¯foolish” you, get a life and be more understanding.”

    well said …I agree with every word you wrote !!!!

  • 23. Anonymous wrote:

    These are yiddishe children off the derech how could their own brothers and sisters speak like this. Teenagers don’t do drugs because they are happy or loved and with all the Physical and sexual abuse,broken homes etc…. Who blames them??? and If they read the comments some people have written here do you think they feel like they have a support system to do the right thing and people to love and understand them.. a quick fix seems so much easier, doesn’t it?
    This is Golus at it’s best.. We need Moshiach now. Reach out to your friends and children. You never know who is in pain and needs a hand.

  • 24. Ahavas wrote:

    Ahavas yisrael…a yids soul is a yids sould not matter what it is clothed in.


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