16 Years to the Sicha – “Do All That You Can”

Today, Chof Ches Nissan marks 16 years to the Sicha the Rebbe said unexpectedly in 5751 after returning from the Ohel. The Rebbe said with great pain “that all that I have done… it is up to you to do all that you can to bring Moshiach down here…” AD MOSAI?!

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A translation of excerpts of the Sicha can be read in the Extended Article.

From: anashnews@aol.com

“Because of the unique stress on the Redemption in this time, an astonishing question arises: How is it possible that despite all these factors, Moshiach has not yet come? This is beyond all possible comprehension.

”It is also beyond comprehension that when ten (and many times ten) Jews gather together at a time that is appropriate for the Redemption to come, they do not raise a clamor great enough to cause Moshiach to come immediately. They are, heaven forbid, able to accept the possibility that Moshiach will not arrive tonight, and even that he will not arrive tomorrow, or on the day after tomorrow, heaven forbid.

“Even when people cry out `Ad mosai — Until when will we remain in exile?’ they do so only because they were told to. If they had sincere intent and earnest desire, and cried out in truth, Moshiach would surely have come already.

”What more can I do to motivate the entire Jewish people to clamor and cry out, and thus actually bring about the coming of Moshiach. All that has been done until now has been to no avail, for we are still in exile; moreover, we are in an inner exile in regard to our own service of G-d.

“All that I can possibly do is to give the matter over to you. Now, do everything you can to bring Moshiach, here and now, immediately.

”May it be G-d’s will that ultimately ten Jews will be found who are stubborn enough to resolve to secure G-d’s consent to actually bring about the true and ultimate Redemption, here and now immediately. Their stubborn resolve will surely evoke G-d’s favor, as reflected by the interpretation of the verse, `For they are a stiff necked people; You will pardon our sins and wrongdoings and make us Your possession.’

“I have done whatever I can; from now on, you must do whatever you can. May it be G-d’s will that there will be one, two, or three among you who will appreciate what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, and may you actually be successful and bring about the true and complete Redemption. May this take place immediately, in a spirit of happiness and gladness of heart.”


  • 1. bachur..from o.ty. 74--76 wrote:

    for those who were not in 770 on that faithful day ,, this pic was not the setting , it was not a farbrengen it was a sicaa after mareiv and the Rebba was standing by his 2nd shtender. so this pic is very nice but missleading

  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    o.ty. 74–76:

    I personally was to young to remember the setting, and so I couldn’t choose a more accurate picture.

    As this Sicha was said Erev Shabbos im sure there is a picture out there of the Rebbe actually saying the Sicha.

    Readers are welcome to email any pictures from the Sicha to news@crownheights.info


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