Video: Digging Deeper — A Short Film on Teshuva

Many people struggle with the concept of Teshuva. They feel it’s impractical and unattainable. Rabbi Mendy Shapiro, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman and Rabbi Shais Taub break it down into practical and relevant ideas to inspire us all to reconnect to Hashem through Teshuva.

A joint project of Avi Winner Films and Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad, Los Angeles, CA.


  • 2. A Shliach wrote:


    How about a video every month? Perhaps every month a different subject.

    Gut Yom Tov!

  • 3. to #2 wrote:

    i would also love to see more videos from him but the producer is a bochur in yeshiva. he learns full time. it’s pretty amazing that he made this video in his “spare” time.

  • 4. to #3 wrote:

    Amazing what a young yeshiva bochur can do!
    But that’s ok – as it says in the video, we are all in this together. So who’s going to step in and help him – and if not every month, then at least every yom tov?


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