Video: 13 Reasons You Might Want to Keep That Sefira Beard

When Reb Berel Wiess, a successful businessman, asked the Rebbe for a blessing to have both wealth and Torah knowledge, the Rebbe told him that this particular blessing requires a special vessel which Reb Berel was yet to acquire.


  • 1. yankel wrote:

    Sefira Beard?!

    For a Lubavitcher there is no difference between sefira or the rest of the year when it comes to growing a beard

    • 2. Hmmm wrote:

      You do realize that not everyone who will see that video is a Lubavitcher…

  • 3. Not everyone with beards wrote:

    Not everyone with beards is wealthy. It must have been a bracha specifically for Reb Weiss.


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