Torah in 10: The Rebbes View on Recreational Dating

Beginning season two of Torah in Ten, we are pleased to present the third class by Rabbi Chaim Miller, Editor-in-Chief of Kol Menachem on this week’s topic, “The Rebbe on Recreational Dating”.


  • 1. a young bubby wrote:

    The Rabbi captured my attention and explained it very eloquently’

  • 2. The Pastor wrote:

    Thank you for posting the guidance for our youth. I wonder whether those that need this lesson arrive at this address. And those who arrive at this address – will they learn new (foreign) concept to try?

  • 3. question wrote:

    Would you please explain – In the passage you read from the Sefer Hachinuch, It speaks of the HUSBAND internalizing the image of his wife’s every activity. Why not saying the same the other way around, that the WIFE has to internalize her husband’s image. Or, just simply say that each spouse should internalize the other thoroughly?
    Thank you so much and I really enjoy your lessons.
    Thank you Rabbi.

  • 4. caravans wrote:

    The Rabbi video on Recreational Dating is very good,



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