Photos: First Ever Chasidic Wedding in Sweden

In what is being billed as the first ever Chasidic wedding in the European country of Sweden, friends and family gathered at the Chabad Center in Gothenberg to celebrate the wedding of Avi Feldmen, of Crown Heights, and Mushky Namdar, daughter of local Shluchim Rabbi Alexander and Leah Namdar.

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  • 1. J. watch wrote:

    Mazal tov to jay! I was watching you dance…it was so lebidik. Geshmak! I have a shidduch Fahhh you…

  • 2. Velvel Lipsker wrote:

    Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow.
    Rabbi Alex – Youare making a Chasunah.
    Rabbi Alex was the “Eltereh Bachur” for our 4th grade class in 1990. way before it was popular for older Bachurim to help and be involved with Eigene Lubavitch boys.
    Gd Bless yuo Rabbi Alex. a sach Nachas Gefe”n B’Gu”r ad Bias Goel Tzedek NOW!!!

  • 4. Ditzy wrote:

    TIL : In Sweden it is warmer than at the East Coast and they drink Smirnoff not Abolut…..Mazel TOv

  • 6. Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    Mazel tov!!!
    Looks nice!!!!!!!!
    Mushky is the best head counsler, teacher- and kallah!!!

  • 7. Mazal tov Avi & Mushky!!! wrote:

    May you both have a great life together! And give both of your wonderful families much nachas!


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