L’Chaim: Salita – Aharonov

Pictures from the L’Chaim of Dovid (Dmitri) Salita (Brooklyn, NY) and Alona Aharonov (West Bloomfield, MI) took place Sunday night at the Jewish Children’s Museum. Photos by Alex Gorokhov (Glatt & Art Photography)


  • 1. af florida wrote:

    mazel tov dimitry !!

    may your prowess in the ring translate to prowess in the arena of g-d and the rebbe i wish you an everlasting ediface bassed on the princepls of torah and mitvos

    good luck!!

    knock’m out

  • 3. Rabinovich wrote:

    After Bob Arum betrayed Dmitriy and jewish people
    G-d became Dmitriy’s best promoter, and last Saturday showed once again divine providence, don’t mess with the jews… we are holy people

  • 4. Mrs. Morozow wrote:

    Thank you for putting up the pictures. I really wanted to come, but it just didn’t work out. Alona, you look amazing K”H! May you and your chosson only have brachos.

  • 5. AVI wrote:

    All Chabad around the world are proud of you Dmitriy, as a real chossid and a great boxer, you and your kallah look awsome, I give great alot of credit to crownheights.info for these beautiful photos, and I wish you Dmitriy and Alona a lot of nachas and Brochos in your life, and special thanks to your photographer Alex Gorokhov for beautiful shots of the engagement party. Why are these pictures not up on the site? http://www.dsalita.com

  • 6. Yosi wrote:

    I’ve been on dsalita.com and I’ve seen a lot of antisemitic comments. So, my guess is Dmitriy wants to keep good news within jewish community.

  • 10. Solomon wrote:

    Dmitriy Salita is the King of 140 lbs

    Style makes the fights. There is nobody at 140 lbs who can beat him right now. Nobody.

  • 11. dini marmulszteyn wrote:

    mazel tov alona!!!!
    i love you!! may you have much hatzlacha in life
    and have a wonderful life with your chosson.
    mazel tov to the aharonov family!!!!
    love you, dini


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