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Chabad-Lubavitch Representatives The Object of Philanthropist’s Largesse

Mr. Gennady Bogolubov

BROOKLYN, NY — The Bogolubov Simcha Fund, established with an initial $10 million by Ukrainian billionaire, Mr. Gennady Bogolubov, has begun disbursing grants to Chabad-Lubavitch representatives for family related expenses.

The announcement was a welcome surprise to Chabad Shluchim whose personal economics have rarely been the object of philanthropic largesse.

“Supporting Shluchim has typically meant supporting their activities. To have someone address their personal needs is unusual, and tells Shluchim that their dedication and selflessness are appreciated,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos—the education division of Lubavitch whose offices are managing the disbursement of the funds.

Chabad-Lubavitch representatives stand out in a crowd, if not because of their black fedoras, then because of what seems like a genetic predisposition for a never waning drive that spurs them on to relentless, creative activity. But if there’s one ambition that prospective Shluchim must lay to rest before making the lifelong commitment to Jewish outreach, it’s probably related to fantasies about finding their faces among Forbes 500 Richest.

In fact, many Shluchim struggle month-to-month to make the bank. Large families are typical, and the costs of sending children to out-of-town yeshivas when there is no adequate one locally, can be staggering given the modest incomes that are the norm for most Shluchim. Add to that the costs of making weddings—sometimes more than one a year, bar mitzvahs and other life-cycle events, and budgetary shortfalls are a stressful fact of life for many a Chabad representative.

So the Bogolubov Simcha Fund, which is making a gift to every family of Shluchim on the occasion of a child’s birth, bar mitzvah and weddings, will take some sting out of the bills that pile up when the party’s over.

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  • 2. Yekusiel wrote:

    Thank you to Rabbi Kaminetzky and Kotlarsky for this amazing program.

    Thank you also to The Gniwich family and to Gedlay for being the inspiration for this.

  • 3. al tigu bemishichi wrote:

    why cant someone make a fund like this one for our local melamdim (uly – oholai torah)who get paid like janitars, on averege the melamdim are at least as poor as our shluchim, and thay dont get any recognition for their hard work either, which at least the shluchim do get.

  • 4. Shmuli wrote:

    I know of shluchim that have greatly benefited from this fund!

    Without these funds their daughters wedding wouldn’t have been a the same. It is a great financial support.

  • 5. zalman singer wrote:

    To comment #1

    Your Local melamdim get paid preety fine, not like janitors.

    Go Do some research

  • 6. bch wrote:

    al tigu bemishichi,
    How can this article elicit anything other than a completely positive response? What’s is all got to do with melamdim, poverty, or any other number of good causes that deserve support? How can you be such a nisht-fraginer that this is all you have to say about this nice piece of news? This just unreal!

  • 7. An appreicative Shliach wrote:

    as a shliach, I know that even when the bank is pressing for urgent payment or they will reposses, even when my entire board has threatened their resignation (as has almost happened, thankfully it it is now a distant memory) there is a support group, apreciation and admiration in my local community. Amongs Anash where ever i may travel, there is also the natural respect shluchim receive.

    Our chidren’s teachers do not enjoy the same respect. as much as most of us parent do apreciate and admire them, do we express it sufficiently? are their salaries on par with the top executives who share similar levels of responsibilty? are they at least on par with proffesionals? at least with shluchim?!
    I deeply appreciate Rabbi’s Kaminetzky and Kotlarsky for their initiative with Mr. Bogolubov. but sitting at the kinnus, I know I was not the only one who thought that IF WE WANT OUR CHINUCH TO IMPROVE we MUST begin similar initiatives for the shluchim that train all our future shluchim.

  • 8. Person wrote:

    There’s nothing wrong with saying what this guy is doing is great…now in related news..teachers dont get what they deserve.
    Shluchim have greater opportunity..they have potential to live nicely if properly motivated and determined. A teacher has his full time job which gives little room for much else. After school if he’s not preparing for the next day, he’s speaking to parents about the kids performance.

    Yet they DON’T get paid what they should. (I speak about nyc – some schools pay decent)

    Teachers teach our future..they teach our kids…we shouldn’t have teachers that got the job b/c they didn’t have anything else to do..if we offered proper salaries, we would have the advantage of choice. The ability to sift through applicants and pick the best candidates.

    a teachers position should be something people want to do.

    All the talent shouldn’t be on starts at home.

  • 9. chossid wrote:

    This found is amazing!
    I think , that shluchim come before melamedim, I am sorry, but you cannot even compare

  • 10. To bch wrote:

    I think #1 is complementing Mr. Bogolubov’s initiative and saying that because it’s such a great idea it should be duplicated for teachers. I didn’t sense any resentment in his point.

  • 11. chaim wrote:

    why do shluchim come before melamdim? Rava lo hiya chiya minayen?
    its a shame to see all the help go to shluchim when many (not all though)have connections already! chabad is not just shluchim!
    on the other hey, whatever help anybody can get is good, and lav davka must we always but in and ask why not us…

  • 12. Shliach wrote:

    Every supporter that supports a shliach comes from hard work on the shliachs part and therefore they support his cause. The market of support has to come from within the anash community who feel for the cause. There is plenty of $ that we did not yet tap into!

  • 13. chaim wrote:

    a shliach is a job its called A SALESMAN! to sell Chassidus etc. whatever he reaps he sows however TEACHERS are a responsibilty on all of us to pay them properly so that they dont get evicted while teaching your our children.

  • 14. chaim wrote:

    So you will admit that 1) you do get support. 2) that more money is to come. If so why not let others grow too.
    Personaly I feel it is not chabads responsbility to support sheluchim it is a Job being a salesman selling chasidus and torah. its also about funraising too. nobody said it was easy!
    but since you are a sheliach you wanted to be one so its on your shoulders.
    Many people in CH do not have jobs!!!


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