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Chabad Michigan at 50

The shluchim of Michigan got together at to mark 50 years of shlichus Chabad and serving the 60,000 Jews of Michigan. 28 shluchim, young and old, veteran shluchim and younger ones who recently joined the army of the Rebbe got together to discuss the significance of a “yovel” (50 years) and the impact that the shluchim had on the state.

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Sunday morning following a festive breakfast, Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov from West Bloomfield outlined the purpose of the conference. Rabbi Shneur Greenberg, shaliach in Commerce emceed a special session and reported on the various activities in the state.

That was followed by a dynamic discussion on “hiskashrus” of the family to the Rebbe that was conducted by Rabbi Yosef Y. Kesselman. Speaking at this session were Rabbi Berel Shemtov, his son Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok of Toledo, Ohio, Rabbi Aaron Goldstien of Ann Arbor and Rabbi Yisroel Weingarten of Flint.

In the evening the participants listened to an inspiring address by veteran shaliach of Texas, Rabbi Shimon Lazarov about “one shaliach makes another shaliach” and lifted the spirits of the shluchim instilling in them an enthusiasm to increase their efforts in their shlichus. That was followed by a farbrengen until the late hours of the night.

The second day of the conference was opened by the mashpia of Yeshivas Menachem Mendel, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Gurary, a yeshiva which is located in Detroit and has produced scores of shluchim and mekushorim tothe Rebbe.

After prayers and breakfast Rabbi BenZion Stein spoke about the 5oth year of shlichus and then the head shaliach who is responsible for the Shluchim empire in Michigan, Rabbi Berel Shemtov recalled the early years when he arrived on shlichus to Detroit.


  • 1. concerned wrote:

    They should have lots of hatzlacha. All their work should be in emes how the Rebbe wants that it should be. They should be zoche to bring many neshamos back, b’ezer HaShem.

  • 2. Admirer wrote:

    Curious. Where is Rabbi Yossie Weingarten from Grand Rapids, one of the senior shluchim?

  • 3. voidness wrote:

    who got the number of 60,00 jews in michigan? Last stats I saw said that here were 78,000 jews in metro detroit alone. very nice kinus they should all go mechayil el chuyil!!!!!

  • 5. talmid of Rabbi Rotenberg 64---67 wrote:

    MAZAL-TOV to R,beral and bat sheva shemtov,, this get 2gether should have been on jan 01-01. to mark the day you both came to detroit by train,
    01-01-58 .my father was there at the train sta, avraham aba friedman a“v was also on the train.those were the good old days on dexter-sterevant-davidson -dwane- the nusac arei shull
    mr. star.a”v, continue to do the Rebbas work and bring moshiac now!!!!!


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