Video: We Are Gan Izzy

Camp Gan Izzy of Los Angeles & Beverly Hills presents their official camp music video, after working with the best talent in LA to showcase their amazing staff-members, campers and all the smiles, joy and spirit they bring to to Gan Izzy!

The video was produced by:
– Erez Safar – Bancs Media
– Yisroel Drihem
– Vocalists: Issac Benarouche & Ari Holzman

Head Staff:
Rochie Yemini, Yaacov Fakiro, Gittel Yemini, Yossi Eliav, Yetzirah Cohen and Dena Edelshtain.


  • 1. Citizen Berel wrote:

    Well meaning individuals put together, sadly, a disturbing video, which includes lack of modesty. The Rebbe does not approve. Videos for the masses of girls dancing, and also of a girl in a short skirt making a cartwheel? Come on CRI, you should not have posted this, and especially with the upside down cartwheel girl on the “front page” for men to see?! The Rebbe has expressed his dissatisfaction many times towards better than this…

  • 2. Overnight Camps for L.A. children wrote:

    This is so beautiful, it’s really nice that L.A. children have a summer camp to go to. My issue is why isn’t there an official CGI overnight camp for L.A. boys & girls ? There used to be a Gan Izzy Machane Mamosh years ago, it’s been on & off then there was another thing that Chabad of CA made something 2 hrs out of L.A. that didn’t work out in the end, my point is, L.A. B”H has a big enough of a community that they should have separate Gan Isreal Overnight camps, yes here on the East coast we have for Bklyn children CGI Montreal which is both for Bklyn & Montreal children as well as Pardas Chana for girls is also in Montreal & the Hechts have 1 in the Catskills as well for girls, but for children in L.A. they shouldn’t have to go all the way to Montreal or Parksville to have an overnight camp, there should be an official overnight camp in the mountains outside of L.A. that all Frum children both boys & girls should be able to enjoy, obviously in different locations, I’m not putting day camps down, but we all know that day camp doesn’t compare to overnight, I think the ppl in the Frum community of L.A. should do something about this, for years that hasn’t been 1 & there is no reason why there shouldn’t be.

  • 3. To #1 wrote:

    Yes I totally agree with u, major issue with צניעות, I don’t understand, even though there are a lot of children that come from non Frum homes that’s not an excuse to “Not” enforce modesty rules that the campers should follow, all Gan Isreal camps wheather overnight or day camps are all the Rebbe’s camps under Merkos L’Inyanei Chinuch & if this is the case how can you call yourself the Rebbe’s camp when there is a major serious issue with Modesty, if you wana have a day camp you have to & must enforce the rules for everyone, there must be rules of Tznius for both boys & girls, if not then you have no right to call yourself “The Rebbe’s Camp” yes we don’t want to push away yidden from keeping shabbos & coming closer to being frum, but that’s not an excuse to “Not” send out letters to the parents, that if they want their son or daughter in the camp they have to dress accordingly, & if not, sorry they can’t be apart of camp. That’s the way it goes !! Ty to # 1 for bringing up this Major Serious Issue. Ty Ty

  • 4. I Love Yerushalayim wrote:

    Comment #2 is absolutely correct & exactly to the point, it is very nice & wonderful that Los Angeles children both Frum & not Frum have a camp to go to, yes, but again it’s a day camp, they start @ 8:30 am & go till 4 pm, that’s how most DC (Day Camps) work, but it doesn’t compare to the Greatness & Amazingness of Overnight camp, when u sleep & do everything with your bunk & are in Camp 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, it’s totally “Immeasurable” to a day camp, & truly like #2 said the Los Angeles Frum community is very very big there are enough boys & girls that they could have an official Gan Yisroel overnight camp some 2 hrs away somewhere in the Big Bear,San Gabriel or San Bernardino mountains, why do they have to settle for less & only have day camps ? & Like #2 said these children have to fly to Bklyn & from there take the CGI Montreal bus from Bklyn to Montreal or directly fly to Montreal, or if they are going to Parksville the same thing they have to fly as well to Bklyn then take the CGI Parksville bus, why should these parents have to pay extra $$ for round trip tickets when the Los Angeles Frum community is big enough that they could & should demand an official Gan Yisroel overnight camp, yes I understand that Montreal & Parksville are the biggest & best Lubavitch overnight camps in North America, but that doesn’t mean that Gan Yisroel L.A., (that would be a Great official title) somewhere in the L.A. county mountains won’t & can’t be just as great & amazing overnight camp like Montreal & Parksville, they could & BE”H will be just as Great, Amazing, Fabulous, Wonderful Outstanding Overnight camp in the mountains of L.A. the community needs & must come together & do something about this, why settle for less with only a day camp, it doesn’t compare it’s באין ערוך, to the Los Angeles community it’s time to wake up & see that your children desire an overnight camp & there is Absolutely No reason there shouldn’t be one. Ty # 2 for bringing up this very important point.

  • 5. No Excuses wrote:

    Yes absolutely, there is no reason why Los Angeles children shouldn’t have an overnight camp for both boys & girls, no more excuses it’s time already to have an overnight camp already, what’s taking so long, these children want more than just from 8:30 am to 4 pm, they wana be in camp 24/7, & that means having a nice Gan Yisroel overnight camp, just as Great, Fun & Amazing & more like CGI Montreal & Parksville. Let’s get moving on this like all the other comments said, to the Los Angeles Frum community, I understand there was on & off overnight camps, but now it’s time for a stable one that will be constant every year without breaks just like Montreal & Parksville.


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