Hebrew School Celebrates Continued Growth

Over 300 parents and guests filled the new Aventura South ballroom for the Chabad Chayil Annual Gala Dinner. Participants were mesmerized as children ages 5-12 opened up the evening in song and dance, setting the mood for an evening to remember.

‘Each year we think it’s the best, yet somehow, it gets better and better each year’ said Micahel Wohl, a Chabad Chayil supporter.

This year’s dinner had a simultaneous Children’s Dinner, with Laser Tag and loads of fun while the adults enjoyed their own entertainment!

Attorney Matis Ababrbanel and his wife Hodaya who were honored with the Community Leadership Award expressed to parents and guest the great value and tremendous need for CHAP.

“I’ve watched the program grow into what it is today and I see firsthand how crucially it’s needed” explained Abarbanel. “It does so much more than keep kids off the street and in a safe and nurturing environment, while teaching Yiddishkeit and Jewish values. CHAP teaches the kids how to be a mentch. And to me, being a mentch is everything.”

Teacher of the Year Rabbi Yossi Levy explained the huge need for a new facility. “We try our best to work with what we have. And thank G-d you see the amazing results. Hundreds of children coming through our doors. Hundreds of children learning Alef Bet and about G-d. And it’s all amazing. But imagine how much more can be accomplished in a proper facility!”

This year the gathering was privileged to have two CHAP alumni speak. Johanna Goldringer spoke about her CHAP teachers and how their voices became her conscious. “Morah Hodaya taught me about Emunah. How everything that happens in life is from Hashem. And about Bitachon – complete trust that everything brought in my life is for my good..” Alumnus Yossi Cohen spoke about how he would make trouble in class just to get kicked out, so that he can spend time with the director, Morah Layah Kievman or the rabbi. “The rabbi always told me that I should follow my dreams and that I would be a huge success. I still try to get kicked out so that I can spend time with the rabbi and rebbetzin, only now it’s from work!”

CHAP has daily afterschool programs in 3 locations for children ages 5-13 who don’t attend Jewish schools. Their CTeen clubs meet at 3 different public high school campuses, as well as a weekly evening program for teens from all over South Florida. They are both run by Chabad Chayil – the Jewish Center of Highland Lakes, FL. To learn more, visit HebrewSchool.info or call (305) 770-1919.


  • 2. reuven wrote:

    both excited and happy for you and your extended family ……. proud of you as well

  • 3. Rabbi and Mrs. Kievman wrote:

    I have yet to meet a couple like this. Highest standards of chassidishkeit, Incredible hard work 24/7 to Jewish children from all kinds of families. Always increasing in their activities and in the toichen of what they offer. Hashem should shower on them nachas from their kinder, continued hatzlacha, only the best ad bias goel tzedek!

  • 4. big Z Schapiro wrote:

    wow this is so amazing wow beautiful this is a Kiddush Heshem keep up the good work we want Moshaich now

  • 5. To #3 wrote:

    I know Rabbi Kievman. It doesn’t sound like they wrote that about themselves… We love them in any case!


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