Williamsburg Rebbes Visit Near-Complete Chabad Center

The Rebbes of Pupa and Vien, both Chasidic communities based in Williamsburg, visited the near-complete Chabad Center of Palm Springs, California, while vacationing there.

The new center, which is still under construction, will serve the spiritual needs of the local Jewish community, as well as the many Jewish visitors to the resort town.

Chabad of Palm Springs is directed by Rabbi Yonason Denebeim.

Photos by JDN

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  • 3. Meshulem Feivel wrote:

    B”H it is a pleasure to see the Achdus in Kelal Yisrael with Lubavitch and Satmar sitting together and sharing Divrei Torah. It’s the true fulfillment of, Henei Man Tov Umah Noim Sheves Achim Gam Yachad. May we be zoche to see the same for the entire J

  • 4. Sl wrote:

    In the Chabad Shul in Palm Springs Shabbos Mevorchim was the Pupa Ruv, the Viener Ruv and Rav Halbershtam. There was not an empty seat available with the Shul packed people sitting outside. The Aliyas were sold for an average of $200 each in honor of the Rabbim and the funds going toward to new Chabad Shul.

    Shabbos there were 2 oversized minyanim and during the week there were multiple minyanim.

    It was really a pleasure seeing all these Rabbis davening in a Chabad Shul.


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