L.A. Chabad Center Honors Police and Firefighters

From Breitbart:

Last weekend, Chabad of Pacific Palisades, California, honored local police and firefighters with a community barbecue that drew guests from well beyond the Jewish community itself.

Roughly 200 people came to the event, in addition to representatives from two local fire stations and one local police precinct. According to organizers, the barbecue had been arranged immediately after the murder of five police in Dallas last month.

Children swarmed a fire truck and a police cruiser, and jumped for hours inside a bouncy house shaped like a fire engine. The rabbi, Zushe Cunin, presented plaques to each of the police and fire contingents, each bearing a prayer for safety, blessing the work of law enforcement and emergency response. He also honored one firefighter who had attended the Chabad preschool.

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The LAFD was so touched by the gesture they tweeted a thank you to Chabad in Hebrew:


  • 1. racist cops wrote:

    LA cops are known to be the most racist of them all and I don’t think Chabad should be supporting them.

  • 2. TorahLeader wrote:

    Why aren’t they also honoring EMTs and paramedics? EMS is separate from fire and police yet they are always forgotten. Please don’t forget the people who rush to your aid in medical emergencies.


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