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New Shluchim to Alabama

Rabbi Kussy and Rosie Lipsker of Crown Heights will shortly be moving on Shlichus to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the University of Alabama, where they will join the family of Chabad on Campus Shluchim operating in universities all over the world.

“We have visited the University, and we already feel a sense of connection to the students and the untapped Jewish energy there. As of now, the estimated 1,000 Jewish students on campus have no place like that of a warm, welcoming, home-cooked meals, type of Chabad House. We plan on changing that,” Rabbi Lipsker told

The couple’s immediate goals upon arrival are to establish Friday night and Shabbas day services and meals, weekly Torah and BBQ classes, and programs for every Jewish Yom Tov.

“With time, we see ourselves growing and expanding to fill all areas of need. We know that the college years can be a whirlwind of classes, exams, parties, blurred faces, and questions; we also know that many students take those years to try and determine who they are and what type of future they want. We want to make sure that those 1,000 Jewish Neshama’s have a place that can help them figure out what role their Jewishness will play in all of that,” Rabbi Lipsker said.

The Shluchim will operate under the auspices of Chabad of Alabama, led by Rabbi Yossi Posner. wishes the young couple much success on their new Shlichus.

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    kussie you and your wife look loike the authentic genuiune real chassidim of the Rebbe


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