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Floridain Students Enjoy Shabbton in Crown Heights

Crown Heights — Last Shabbos, Shliach, Rabbi Shmuly Gutnick of Chabad of Boca Raton, Florida brought Students from Florida to Crown Heights for a Shabbton. The group of teens from Boca Raton came to Crown Heights to experience their first Shabbos ever! They enjoyed a beautiful friday night beginning with davening in 770, where they were amazed at the sea of black hats, a delicious meal with the Gutnick family, and finally an amazing farbengen lasting till the early morning.

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Shabbos day they returned to 770 and loved the chulent experience. The rest of the weekend was packed going to all the major tourist attractions around Manhattan including the Empire State Building, Jerusalem II, Time Square, ESPN Zone, Ground Zero, FAO Schwartz, Rockefeller Center ice skating, Statue of Liberty, & Madison Square Garden.

On Monday they went to the Rebbe’s room, the Jewish Children’s Museum, the Matzah Bakery, and Albany Bakery where Mordechai Korolitzky gave doughnuts and shliach mitzva gelt to everyone.

Before the amazing weekend was over the teens had the opportunity to visit the Rebbe at the Ohel.

The teens saw that you can celebrate Judaism in today’s modern world and enjoy every minute of it and have the most rocking time ever. A special thanks to Itzick Yarmush, Shimmy Korolitzky, and all those who helped make this trip a success!



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