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New Chabad House for the Palisades

Tenafly, NJ — Construction of the new Chabad House for Palisades will begin soon on the same plot of land the previous Chabad House was on. The new Chabad House will be three times bigger then the one its replacing.

This is the project of Rabbi Mordechai and Malka Shain shluchim in Tenafly with the help of shliach Rabbi Chaim and Yocheved Boyarsk.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 1. hello? wrote:

    What is the picture overload? I know construction sights are exciting and fun, but one or two pictures are enough. I think.

  • 2. Mendel G wrote:

    Why destroy the old building?? Can’t they just add to it rather than razing it to the ground. Though I commend you for the expansion of Chabad and it’s institutions in your area, I think thant it’s a darn shame to take down a fairly new building, when you can just expand it or use the existing building for another purpose.

    Regardles, Hatzlacah Raba Umufluga in your shlichus and halivay all shluchim should be able to afford and accomplish that which you do.

  • 3. Let refrain from critisizing wrote:

    to those who always complain. STOP!
    The reason for not expanding the old are a few.
    1. The costs to rip down and replace are cheaper then trying to add pieces.
    2. The look of one new building as opposed to expansions cant compare.
    3. People like to see new structures go up.
    4. How do you know the condition of the older building, if the foundation could support the expansions or the like.
    In conclusion please be careful when critisizing especially when you dont know all the facts.
    Thank you

  • 4. Rochel wrote:

    Dear Rabbi and Mrs Shain
    & Rabbi and Mrs Boyarsky.
    Yosher Koach for the new building,
    May all go as planned.
    P.s. The camp reunion was great, Glad i was able to come in. Even if only for one day!
    Regards to everyone.


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