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Over 100 Bochurim-Shluchim Spend Shabbos in Miami

Over 100 Bochurim-Shluchim at the biggest ever Kinus yet, finished a Shabbos of non-stop Farbrengens. The energy in the room was palpable, as all of them danced shoulder-to-shoulder, celebrating their common zechus in being the Rebbe’s Shluchim.

Following Mincha on Friday evening, the Shluchim found their seats as Yudi Steiner, Kinus coordinator, officially welcomed the assembled Shluchim. After his warm opening remarks, he introduced the guest Mashpia, Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi who spoke for a few minutes on the purpose of the Kinus and the significance of it taking place on Shabbos Vayechi.

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Following, Rabbi Leibel Shapiro began a very enjoyable and enlightening Shiur in Lekutei Sichos.

At Seudas Shabbos four guest Shluchim spoke. Emcee Yossi Fine – Yeshivah Postville, introduced Nochum Sosonko – Yeshivah Baltimore followed by Yitzi Smith – Yeshivah Staten Island, Shmuel Chitrik – Yeshivah Miami and Chaim Pape – Yeshivah Montreal. Each of them spoke words of Torah blended with lessons applicable to the Shluchim in their lives in Yeshiva.

Rabbi Shapiro followed for the next couple of hours, speaking eloquently and highlighting the Rebbe’s unique relationship with the Bochurim-Shluchim. Quoting sources from Nigleh and Chassidus he stressed how a Shliach must be a Dugma Chaya and that is the primary way for one to be effective on Shlichus. The enthusiastic Farbrengens continued until the morning.

Shabbos morning after coffee and cake the Shluchim enjoyed a Shiur in Basi Legani with Rabbi Zarchi. Mashpia Rabbi Velvel Lipsker spoke before Musaf.

Kiddush at 1:30 began a very geshmakeh Farbrengen. Reb Shlomo in his unique way told the Shluchim to learn the Rebbe’s Torah thereby bringing the Rebbe in to every facet of their life. The Farbrengen concluded long after Shabbos, there was just no choice but to continue to the Melava Malka. As the Kinus progresses it just gets better and better.


  • 4. bochur wrote:

    what about levi lipskers speech shabbos day? i hear it was powerful! tucson style! post an article about that.

  • 8. impressed by miami wrote:

    Miami you are a beacon unto the nation, as usual you guys can make anything shine.
    Miami Moisdos are mamesh Kboyee Lmeheve

  • 9. fellow shliach wrote:

    good to see someone representing SOUTH AFRICA shluchim.
    shkoach yosef kramer

  • 10. Talia-s Steakhouse wrote:

    Levi Lipskar Chazak V’nischazek in the Rebbe’s shlichus.
    Your a beacon of light amongst our people.

  • 11. 770 wrote:

    hey webby, looking good in yeshiva. you really belong there! maybe you should consider staying and learning some of the rebbes sichos and mamarim.

  • 15. a raicher vort! wrote:

    can webby post anything on the speech from shabbos day? i hear it was the one speech that had a serious shaychus to shlichus and was said with power


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