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New Shluchim to South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina. Inset: Rabbi Leibel Kesselman.

Rabbi Leibel Kesselman, his wife Musie (nee Posner) and their children, Chana and Mendel, are moving to Greenville, South Carolina on the Rebbe’s Shlichus to share the warmth of Yiddishkeit with the Upstate region.

The Upstate is the fastest growing region in the state of South Carolina, and includes 10 counties of the commerce-rich I-85 corridor in the northwest corner of the state. Given its strategic position between Atlanta and Charlotte, future development and growth prospects for the Jewish community are bright.

They were appointed by Head Shliach to the Carolinas Rabbi Yossi Groner. The Kesselmans also thank Rabbi Hesh Epstein, Director of Chabad in Columbia, SC, and Rabbi Adam & Chani Goodfriend, for their efforts in ensuring the success of this endeavor.

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