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New Chabad House in Remote Himalayan Mountains

A donkey, motorcycle and helicopter were used to aid the opening Chabad of Manang, a new Chabad House in one of Nepal’s most remote ranges called Annapurna, which contains a very remote trail in the Himalayan Mountains.

The new center was established by Rabbi Chezki and Chani Lifshitz in order to serve the many Jewish ‘backpackers’ that come to these remote mountains, and to offer them a full service waypoint in the middle of the Manang District.

Setting out on a helicopter, basic needs including food, gas and other essentials were sent up to the remote area – which has little infrastructure due to the altitude and difficult access – and from there with the aid of a motorcycle and a caravan of donkeys supplies reach the new Chabad House.

A special Sefer Torah was transported to the new Chabad House. The Torah was dedicated in memory of George Abboudi, a 22-year-old backpacker from Leeds, England who went missing while trekking the Annapurna trails six months ago.

Many had participated in a massive search including the Lifshitzs’, who helped coordinate the efforts. Tragically it was discovered that he had passed away under circumstances that remain a mystery to this day,

Georges family channeled their grief into positivity and completed the new Torah during the Shloshim and now asked that the Torah be brought to the remote region, which George loved so much, so that he can live through the letters of the Torah.

Chabad Manang will operate during the tourist seasons and joins the two other Chabad centers in Nepal, Chabad of Kathmandu and Chabad of Pokahara.

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    this is truly the mission of the Rebbi to bring light to all parts of the world.


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