At the Brink of War, Kharkov Welcomes New Torah

Despite the political instability sweeping through the city and the rest of Eastern Ukraine, the Jewish community of Kharkov joined together to celebrate the completion of a new Sefer Torah on the Eve of 11 Nissan.

Hundreds of Jews – young and old – joined in for the momentous celebration. For many it was their first experience of such an event.

The Sefer Torah was donated to the community by Shimon Steren – a local philanthropist.

The happiness and feeling of unity left everyone uplifted and inspired, despite all the current economic and political issues weighing on the region’s shoulders.

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  • 1. War is no joke wrote:

    If you’ve read the history or lived through WWI and WWII, you know that war in Ukraine was terrible for the Jews. People who aren’t ‘nispoel’ from war, may end up very sorry. Vi-haChai yiten el libo. The time for a Vaad Hatzolo is now. We have to help those who want to leave, to come to the U.S., Israel, and Canada. Evacuating the Shluchim at the last minute will not be enough.

  • 2. How beautiful wrote:

    The Rebbe’s shluchim never rest, never stand still. The work that the moscowitz’s are doing is ever more important now, in times of turbulence and turmoil.


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