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Student Shluchim Inspire Jewish Teens in Cape Town

Jewish Teens of Cape Town, a Chabad youth club in the South African city, gathered Sunday night for a sushi workshop and ‘jewpardy!’

Meeting at the local Chabad House, the teens enjoyed a workshop on how to make there very own sushi. That was ollowed by a fun and educational game of “jewpardy!” – the Jewish version of the popular trivia game “Jeopardy!”

“Its so awesome to have all our friends come together twice a month for the Jteens events” said Asher Valentini, 14.

The teen events are being arranged by the talmidei hashushluchim of capetown under the auspices of Rabbi Popack.


  • 1. A Friend wrote:

    Beautiful ! BH I heard a great group of Shluchim are in Capetown and are making a Kiddush Lubavitch

  • 3. abba wrote:

    epstein on shlichos there ??? don’t see him in the pic who’s that other guy ???

  • 6. miami wrote:

    beautiful job i think its bryski korf fellig and robbins thats what it looks like from the pictures ???

  • 8. hey!! wrote:

    hey look at robbins fellig and korf doing thre thing! what happened to epstien?he went home?

  • 9. answer number 2 wrote:

    mendel robbins menachem mendel korf and meir fellig. great group of guys

  • 10. to comment number 2 wrote:

    from the pictures it looks like fellig korf robbins and bryski i hear them 4 are doing great work

  • 14. Palm Trees Miami wrote:

    Meir Fellig you rock the house! And Menachem Korf! I am really proud! I Miami FAN!

  • 15. sincere question wrote:

    I’m really not criticizing. I’m really asking because I want to understand. Does Chabad really have single guys age 20 or so doing activities with 16, 17 year old girls as is shown in the photos here?

  • 17. answer to number 15 wrote:

    From my understanding these girls were ages 14 or 15 being the oldest. Yes obviously someone has to think twice before doing something like that, but I’m sure the head shliach has deemed it appropriate. Every city, time, place has its different way to act and if these bochurim and shluchim thought it wasn’t the right thing they wouldn’t of done it. Im not justifying the picture I’m just saying that every situation is different and as me being a good friend of the bochurim there I’m sure it was fine. especially with the support of Rabbi Popack.

  • 18. Chovevei all the way wrote:

    Hey Mendel Robbins we’re thinking of you here at Albany bake!


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