Bais Yaakov Ohel Sarah Hawaiian Themed Purim Party

If you entered Bais Yaakov Ohel Sarah located in the heart of Flatbush on Purim day you would have been transported straight to Hawaii. Rabbi Schneur and Sarah Mendelsohn once again, along with the help of their wonderful staff, put together an amazing Purim Seudah Party for their Shul and the Flatbush community.

There was music, games, prizes, delicious Hawaiian cuisine and of course kreplach. To top it all off all the participants enjoyed an incredible Parrot show by the Parrot Rebba who called his birds Yideshe Neshamalach.

Over 100 people participated in this joyous day and the simcha of Purim was felt by everyone.

“This was the BEST Purim party ever!” said one of the 8-year-old attendees. “I knew my kids would have fun but I never imagined that I would have such a wonderful time!” added one of the fathers.

“Rabbi and Mrs. Mendelsohn along with the entire school staff have welcomed us with open arms. We are so happy to be part of this outstanding school. It is not just a school for our children but an extended family for us all and this Purim party just confirms that we made the right decisions by sending our girls to Bais Yaakov Ohel Sarah.” Said a new school parent, “Thank you to the Mendelsohns and the staff of Bais Yaakov Ohel Sarah for making Purim 5773 the greatest Purim Ever!”.

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