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Marking Lawyers Birthday, LDC Gets New Van

On Wednesday, July 6, friends and family of Chabad supporter and well known lawyer, Marty Teplitzky, gathered at the Chabad Lubavitch Community Center in Toronto to celebrate Marty’s birthday. They celebrated by presenting a new 15 passenger van to Lubavitch Day Camp.

As the staff and campers sang Happy Birthday, Marty handed the keys of the new van, decked out with a giant ribbon and bow, as is befitting a birthday gift, to Rabbi Grossbaum. The van was donated by a group of friends and spearheaded by his good friend Marty Richman.

As the guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres which were prepared by camp caterer Shlomo Shoshan, Rabbi Zalman Aron Grossbaum reminded everyone that this has become a tradition of sorts among these friends.When Marty Richman turned 50 about 20 years ago, the friends donated the first 15 passenger van to Lubavitch Day Camp. Ten years later, when Morty Goldhar turned 60 a second van was gifted by the same group. Now, as Marty Teplitsky reached the 70 year milestone, the tradition is being kept up.

While the extensive and expensive transportation component for over 600 campers is provided by a commercial bus fleet. Some ten school buses pick up the campers daily and also provide transportation for field trips. Yet, for a camp of this size, there are numerous daily contingencies that are facilitated by a 15 passenger van. The van is used to pick up campers that live in remote areas and also deliver lunch and supplies to the numerous camp divisions and locations.

Mrs. Esti Steinmetz, director of Lubavitch Day Camp shared her heartfelt blessings and wished the donors long, healthy and blessed life, with the ability to maintain this tradition for many years to come.



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