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Mivtza Yom HaHuledes for Shliachs Birthday

A crowd of more than 200 Children and their parents gathered in the Chabad House of Simcha Monica this past Sunday to learn about how to celebrate a Jewish birthday.

This Birthday Celebration was presented in honor of the birthday of the well-known Shliach of the Rebbe, Rabbi Avrohom HaLevi Levitansky A”H, Shliach in Simcha Monica, California, who was known for his Ahavas Yisroel and his special devotion to Jewish children.

Children signed up for the Jewish Birthday Club, received a certificate with their Jewish name and birthday, and enjoyed moon bounces, slides and other treats like cotton candy, popcorn and decorate-your-own-cupcake.

A Tzivos Hashem rally was held where the children gave Tzedakah, said Lechaim and Shehecheyanu over a new fruit. This was followed by Tehillim and the 12 Pesukim. After this they were treated to a spectacular juggling show by a CGI Simcha Monica alumnus Hatomim Mendel Plotkin . Led by the dedicated counselors of Gan Yisroel , the children enjoyed a sing-a-long and sang songs about Moshiach, birthdays and the all-time famous “ Rabbi Levitansky is a real cool cat” song.

Before leaving, the children received a goody-bag with a tzedaka Pushka, the Birthday card form Tzivos Hashem which has the Minhagim of a birthday on it, a 12 Pesukim booklet, Pushka and coins for Tzedaka.


  • 1. Happy Birthday wrote:

    wow thats amazing only the levitanskys could pull off such a nice event!

  • 3. Friend of the Levitanskys wrote:

    Happy birthday, Rabbi Levitansky, a”h! Even though you weren’t with us physically, your special presence was felt on that day — so many mitzvos, kinderlach saying pesukim, you can always feel the holiness in the air in the S. Monica Beis Chabad — It was mamosh beautiful, thank you so much to the family for making such a great event for the kids!


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