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Palin Attends Chanukah Celebration and Lights Menorah at Chabad of Alaska

ANCHORAGE, AK [CHI] — Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin lit a candle in memory of the victims of the Mumbai attacks and the Schluchim, Rabbi Gaviel Noach and Rivka Holtzberg, at a public Chanukah celebration of Chabad in Alaska organized by the Rebbe’s Schluchem Rabbi Yosef and Esty Greenberg.

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More than 600 people participated in the 18th annual Chanukah Arts Festival of Chabad in Alaska. The celebration was dedicated to adding light and good deeds of kindness as a response to the Mumbai attack. In addition to the Alaska tradition of lighting a giant ice Menorah for Chanukah; this year a “Cannorah,” a Menorah made of cans, was constructed by an Alaskan artist to be delivered to the needy as an expression of adding goodness and kindness to the world, which was lit by community supporters, David and Shani Green.

In addition to the Menorah candling ceremony there was also a memorial candle lighting ceremony for the Mumbai victims, by government officials and community leaders.

In attendance were, Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, interim Mayor of Anchorage, Matt Clayman and speaker of the state House of Representatives, Mr. John Harris.

Governor Palin in her remarks brought condolences from the state of Alaska to the Jewish people, the Chabad movement and the Rebbe’s Schluchim. The Governor expressed Alaska and the U.S.’s solidarity with the Jewish people and Israel over the common enemy of terrorism and the deep and strong relationship of the two countries.

The giant ice Menorah was lit by a pillar of the Jewish Community, Mr. Jerry
Green. Mr. Green also received this year’s “Lamplighter” award for his outstanding generosity in helping purchase the new campus of Chabad in Alaska.

The students of the Hebrew youth club, presented a hilarious Chanukah theater, and students of the Gan Yaladim pre-school marched in the magnificent light parade to the sound of modern Chanukah music.

The annual Chanukah Art Festival of Chabad in Alaska is the largest Jewish celebration in Alaska, and receives major media coverage throughout the entire state. The celebration included activities for the whole family such as, a giant chocolate menorah, inflatable games and moon bounce, a Judaic gift shop, falafel and Israeli food stands and much more.


  • 1. ;) wrote:

    GO MUSHKA!!!!! looks like all your hard work paid off, looks like it was awesome!! Love You!!

  • 5. Jazmine Von Holzrand wrote:

    More reasons to love our dear Sarah. God bless her for her support of Israel at this time.

  • 7. Shifra wrote:

    Looks like it was a great party, would love to see pictures of the Cannorah too.

  • 9. Jamie wrote:

    What a beautiful person is Sarah Palin – with a perfect name! As I write this I am sitting with my own grownup daughter Sarah!
    Good blessings to all who are celebrating Chanukah!

  • 10. Scrapiron wrote:

    The pictures must make the democraps sick.
    I love it. It proves clothes don’t make the woman but the woman (Palin) makes any clothes she wears look good.

    Compare her to Hillary, Boxer, Peeloshi or any of the democrap women. Man she makes them look ugly–er.

  • 11. Mike Kojs wrote:

    The east coast Jewish people really made a mistake voting for Obama. See Atlas Shrugs .com Pamela Geller is a force for the Jewish people.

  • 12. joe crandall wrote:

    We had our chance to elect a person of integrity, character, and courage (and I’m talking about Sarah Palin here, not John McCain) . . . and we blew it. We get the government and leaders that we deserve I suppose . . . but when you think about it, I honestly for the first time in my life feel like a man without a country. Obama/Biden, and the rest of the Democrats in Congress, are leading a government duly elected by people located within the United States – but I just don’t feel that it’s MY government. Not sure what to do with that, honestly. Anybody else feel the way I do?

  • 13. Person of the Book wrote:

    joe crandall wrote: …Anybody else feel the way I do? 01/01/09 – 22:15 –

    Here’s my take on it: Just as Solomon sinned, and therefore G-d divided the nation of Israel into two nations; so America has sinned (millions of abortions, and their blood crying to G-d from the ground, as in the case of Cain and Abel), and G-d has now begun to judge America — our economy is in ruins, and our President-elect has promised to spend at least a trillion more!

    Oh, and he wants to eliminate all restrictions on abortion. That should let G-d know that we care about His laws!

  • 14. Judith Kornfeld wrote:

    These comments are a shandeh. Sarah Palin is not worthy of your support. Obama will be the same friend of Israel that previous presidents were, and with Rahm Emanuel by his side and Hillary Clinton in the State Department, Israel will be protected. We Jews should be celebrating the election of Barack Obama – we have suffered under oppression and we must understand how transformative it is that he was been elected. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment, a fundamentalist Christian who is not a true friend of the Jews and I am embarrassed to read these comments by my fellow Jews. We know better than this. Please post this comment so that there is some balance here.

  • 15. Mary Marino wrote:

    Sarah Palin is certainly an exceptional woman during these times. We had our chance for decency and truth in Washington, but in spite of the election loss, which certainly threw me, I continue in faith that our country is in God’s hands. And I don’t believe he is through with Palin yet. I agree with Pam, I love this woman! Sarah and Pam both are shining examples and I am proud of both of them. What you see is what you get with both of them. God bless both of these women as I can see he is using them in a mighty way in their stance for truth, justice, and Israel. God bless! Mary – an American from Little Rock, AR. who supports Israel, Palin, Pam, and truth.


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