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Chabad on hand for the 2008 Paralypics

BEIJING, China [CHI] — In a few days the Paralympics 2008 games will begin and once again Chabad Beijing is servicing the needs of all the Jewish Athletes in the Paralympic village bringing them kosher food, Tefillin, Shofar and any anything else they might need.

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Rabbi Shimon Freundlich Head Shliach to Beijing, China the Olympic Rabbi nominee for the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics Stands next to 2 Israeli Athletes from the Israeli rowing Paralympic team, Reuven Magnaji and Eli Nawi both of whom keep kosher.

Rabbi Freundlich is assisted by his brother in Law Rabbi Levi Lipskar from South Africa who was sent out on Merkos Shluchus by Merkaz Leinyonei Chinuch to help out Chabad Beijing for this busy period.



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