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Opening Ceremony of the State of the Art Mikva in Dnepropetrovsk

DNEPROPETROVSK, Ukraine — Just twenty meters away from the place of the Rebbe’s father’s arrest in 1939 a state-of-the-art Mikva has opened. With the generous contribution of Motti and Adina Korf a vision has come to reality to cater to women of all walks of life living in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. This project came to fruition with the donation of Mr. Alexander Kogonovsky who donated the construction of the building, and through the implementation of Mr. Zelig Brez, the director of the Jewish Community who oversaw the project from conception to completion.

More pictures in the Extended Article! (Photos by Shmuli Brown)

The Grand Opening Ceremony took place at the location of the new Mikva named The Chaya Rivkah Mikvah after Mrs. Chaya Rivkah Korf ob’m. Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki along many other distinguished members of the community and an impressive crowd of women were present. After Rabbi Kaminezki’s inspirational words and blessings, Motti Korf and Alexander Kogonovsky cut the ribbon and a new mezuzah was affixed to the entrance. Two large plaques, with an inscription detailing the dedication of the Mivka were unveiled.

All guests were then given a guided tour of the four exquisitely decorated and furnished preparation rooms with top of the line bath fixtures and imported furniture, each room styled differently to cater to different tastes.

The interior design was made possible due to the great efforts of Mrs. Shaina Lipskier, an active member of the community.

The ceremony ended with a beautiful buffet featuring delicious sushi and many other delicacies.


  • 1. Chortitza wrote:

    Very nice. Dniep is takke Ir HaMelech.

    It’s good to see the mimush guys getting involved.

  • 2. a relative wrote:

    Gorgeous!! Well done Motti and Adina!What Nachas for the Bobbe!

  • 3. meyer clapman wrote:

    Motti and Adina and Family

    May Hashem Keep bringing your visions to reality!

  • 5. double dip wrote:

    how about a mikveh like that for us crown heights women?

  • 6. shevi wrote:

    Motti and Adina you should be blessed to be able to continue giving so generously.

    I am sure Bobbe is still saying tehilim for all of us!!! What a true gift to her.

    Kol Hakovod

  • 7. Carol wrote:

    Can’t wait to use the bidet! It’s worth the trip to Dniepa just for that.

  • 8. rashi wrote:

    motti and adina it is truly beautiful. may Hashem bless you to always be able to make visions like this become a reality.

    I agree with Shevi, i am sure Bobbe is very pleased.


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