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New Shluchim to California

Ann Bell – Palisades Post

Chabad Rabbi Shloime Zacks

PACIFIC PALISADES, CA — Rabbi Shloime Zacks and his wife Moriel have joined the staff at the Chabad Jewish Community Center of Pacific Palisades. They will head two important departments: Adult Education and Community Outreach.

Rabbi Zacks is from London and received his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, New Jersey. Following his marriage to Moriel, he spent two years in New York attending college. He also lectured on various subjects (including law, Kabbalah, and character refinement) at two Jewish centers for adult education.

‘Growing up the way I did brought me into contact with the full spectrum of Jewish affiliation,’ says Rabbi Zacks. ‘I learned to befriend, love and respect all people for who they are.’

Whether on the soccer field, at the Sunday farmers market, in synagogue, or just around town, he truly enjoys making new friends here in the Palisades.

This month, as head of the adult education department, Zacks is teaching a crash course in reading Hebrew. On February 6 he begins the winter Jewish Learning Institute course, ‘Beyond Belief: Reflections on Jewish Faith.’

‘It is a great pleasure to teach in the Palisades,’ Zacks says. ‘I find that people here are bright and very insightful and from so many diverse backgrounds!’

The rabbi teaches the Talmud on Sunday mornings following a lox and bagels breakfast at the Chabad. He also lectures on contemporary issues.

Moriel Zacks was born and raised in the Palisades by her parents, Shimon Waysman, O.B.M., and Dr. Dalia Goldfarb-Hecht. She attended Bais Channah in Los Angeles, finished her high school education in New Haven, Connecticut, and continued her higher education in Israel.

After their marriage, the Zackses settled in New York, where Moriel worked with children with special needs and teenage volunteers in a program called The Friendship Circle. After seeing how successfully the program worked within several communities, Moriel is eager to implement and direct the same outreach program at Chabad in the Palisades.

‘The Friendship Circle is enjoying great success in many communities worldwide,’ Moriel says. ‘The aim is to bring smiles and friendship to children with special needs, and peace of mind to their parents. The program also fosters the values of volunteerism and compassion among youth.’

Rabbi Zushe Cunin is director of Chabad in the Palisades. For more information, visit or write to


  • 1. Es wrote:

    Pacific Palisades is very fortunate to be blessed with your presence Moriel! Looking forward to hearing all about your many accomplishments :).

  • 2. Not from London anymore... wrote:

    Luton’s hardly London, for crying out loud!
    You make your bro proud, while your bro makes me proud.
    Hatzlocho in your Shlichus.
    The UK’s loss is California’s gain!

  • 8. r bell wrote:

    wow moriel mazal tov
    this is awesome! yasher koach… continue w/ your gr8 work and lots of hatzlacha!

  • 9. ellie and aaron wrote:

    moriel and shloime we are so so proud of you guys!!!! we miss you and your little prince Shimon!
    Wishing you both lots and lots of hatzlacha in all that you do!
    ellie and aaron

  • 12. Greenberg-s wrote:

    Amazing, great work.The Long Branch community really misses you.Hatzlacha Rabba in all your future endeavors.Continue giving the Rebbe Nachas.

  • 15. bharier wrote:

    Well done Shloime

    It’s a far cry from JFS.

    Best regards

    Colin and Esther

    Let us know how its going

    Danny is in LA yeshivah this year. Look him up if you are ever in the neibourhood

  • 17. D. Chossid wrote:

    Now that’s how the picture of a shliach of the Rebbe and a chassidishe yungerman should look.


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