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The Perp.

One of our worst thief’s is on the loose once more. As we have reported about him in the past [Story 1 and Story 2 and Story 3].

He is on the loose once more and was already spotted returning to his old habits of looking into cars and the likes.

His release right now, Erev Sukkos, is particularly troubling due to the fact that people have their Sukkos open to the street. So all residents please take care and don’t leave anything of value in your Sukkos.


  • 1. FedUp! wrote:

    holy cow… AGAIN?!?! how can they let him out i dont understand it!!!!!!!! ????!!! what the hell are the police good for if this is what they do.
    im gonna go to BedStuy and steal from thier cars and watch how fast Al Sharpton gets on the case. i would be locked up forever.
    what a shame!

  • 2. bochur wrote:

    how the heck did this guy get out again? shomrim members better get him good this time! lol


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