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Info to be Menachem Avel the Fox Family

The Fox family is sitting Shiva following the passing of their mother, Mrs. Devorah Fox obm. Shiva will be held at 440 Brooklyn Ave Apt 4G Brooklyn, NY 11225.

Minyan Times:
Shachris – 8:45am
Mincha – 7:30pm
Maariv – Bizmanoh

The family requests not to visits or calls after 10pm.

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  • 1. BD"E wrote:

    My dear Mrs Fox,
    After putting away Pesach early this morning, i saw the awful news of your passing. You were a true friend and even though there were decades between us, I always felt very close to you and was honored to be your friend. I will definitely remember you and miss our friendship.
    When i told my little grandson who used to visit you Shabbos afternoon that you had passed away on acharon shel Pesach he exclaimed “what! And she didn’t even get to eat any gebrocts? That’s so sad. Is she in Gan Eden now?”
    I answered yes it’s sad and yes she is going to gan Eden now.
    May you have a lichtige gan eden, and very soon return to us with tchias hamesim and Moshiah now.
    Your friend.


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