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Is No GED Holding You Back?

A.L.I.Y.A. (Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults) will be re-launching its GED program after Pesach. The course will run from the first of May for 5 months and offer all students the opportunity to achieve a GED. It will run Monday through Thursday 7-9pm @ the Aliya Institute 525-527 E New York Ave. The program will also include an optional Shiur from 6:30 till 7pm and membership to the “Aliya Gym” also located at 525-527 E New York Ave.

GED (The General Educational Development Test) is a test that certifies the taker has attained American level academic skills. To pass the GED students will have to be educated in Math, English, Science and social studies. These skills will be taught in this class and tests will be arranged for students upon achievement of skills. To be eligible for this program you must be 18 and older be on at least a 9th grade level of Math and English and be motivated!

For more information call 347-342-9777 or email:


  • 1. Big fan of Education! wrote:

    These programs are so important. Now yeshiva bocherim can learn to reed and write!

  • 4. Education a Priority wrote:

    This is something a community like ours have been waiting for quite some time.
    I hope the charge is reasonable to fit the needs of the community, there should be some government funding for programs as such


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